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This property from Manistee to Traverse City and to Empire Junction was inspected October 19. The rail on the main line is 65 pounds per yard and found to be in good condition and well maintained. Track is well ballasted. Ballast is of light quality. Surface and alignment was found to be satisfactory. The line is not fenced for the entire distance. Where fence is built it was found to be generally in fair condition. Station buildings were found to be generally satisfactory. Safety appliances in good repair. Equipment first class. Bridge structures in good repair and safe for the traffic presented. Train service seems to meet the requirements of the public.  Highway crossings satisfactorily maintained. Wing fences and cattle-guards in good repair. Weeds on right of way not cut. Switch-stands provided with double targets, lights and locks. Frogs and switches blocked.

The branch from Platte River Junction, a connection with the Empire & Southeastern, is provided with 56 pound rail which is in fair condition and fairly well maintained. Tie renewals have been fair. Very little ballasting done during the season. Surface and alignment of track satisfactory for the traffic presented. Traffic very light. Station buildings well maintained.  Line not fenced for the entire distance. Where fence is built it is fairly well maintained. Highway crossings and approaches in fair condition. Crossing signs satisfactory. Switch-stands provided with double targets. Weeds on right of way not cut. Train service seems to meet requirements of the public.

Trains on the entire system operated under standard code of rules. Safety devices at the several railroad crossings in good repair.