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Toledo, Saginaw & Mackinaw Railway

Toledo, Saginaw & Mackinaw Railway

The Toledo, Saginaw and Mackinaw railroad construction by Saginaw capitalists between Durand and Bay City to give an additional outlet for the immense traffic of the Saginaw valley, has recently passed under the control of the Chicago and Grand Trunk Railway Company by which corporation it will hereafter be operated as a part of the important Canada Grand Trunk system in Michigan.  During the past year the construction of a tunnel under the St. Clair River at Port Huron has been successful accomplished, and the great work will so be completed and trains passing through it giving the Grand Trunk continuous rail for its immense traffic from Chicago to tide water.  The importance of this enterprise in its effect upon the transportation question in this county can hardly be overestimated.[1]

Track lying from East Saginaw to Durand, by G.T. Wiswell of Chicago and McRae Lally & Son of Detroit, 5/18/1888.

Durand to Flushing, 12.8 miles, Oct. 23, 1888, Flushing to East Saginaw, 26.4 miles, Dec. 17, 1888

Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan Railway operated freight service over line while under construction and passenger service after Dec. 17, 1888.  The railroad was leased by the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Northern Michigan railroad during construction period providing freight and passenger service, for about a year and half.  There several months they operted the line while under lease to Grand Trunk because of book keeping periods.

8/30/1889, The Company has made an arrangement with the Saginaw Construction Company by which the line will be operated by the Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan when the extension to Oaatka is completed.

The Saginaw Construction Company built this road from Durand to East Saginaw, 39 miles, and is extending it 20 miles north of East Saginaw to Oaatka Beach.

A survey is being made northwest from West Bay City, along the shore of Saginaw bay, towards Au Sable, MI.

1/3/1890, The Company has filed a new charter in Michigan, changing the proposed southern terminus from Toledo to Cincinnati, and also changing the name to Cincinnati, Jackson & Mackinaw.

The lease of this line by the T, AA&NM Railway ended with the sale of the line on October 31, 1890, to the Cincinnati, Saginaw and Mackinaw Rail Road Company, incorporated on Dec. 28, 1889, 350 miles, from State line to Mackinaw City via Saginaw.  A branch line from West Bay City to Oaatka Beach , 9.03 miles was added to the line.

Durand to West Bay City, MI, 53 miles, Incorporated Dec. 26, 1889, road opened Jan. 11, 1890.  The was railroad rechartered as the Cincinnati, Saginaw and Mackinaw Railway.

The railroad was then leased for 99 years to the GT system on Jan. 1, 1901, not being consolidated until January 1, 1943. Grant Trunk under lease to Grand Trunk Railway of Canada until Jan. 1, 2000.

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Durand to Saginaw line

-- Burt, depot on passing track east side, north of Crofoot St.

-- Fosters, depot on passing track, west side, north of Hastings St.

-- Verne Station passing track - running south.

[1] Michigan Railroad Commission Report 1890 page iv