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Cars shipped by Electric Auto Lite to American Motors - Kenosha, Wis 10-17-1960 to 12-9-1960

Hamburg Junction Wreck 1893 (new 5/18/2009) by Fred Vark
Hamburg Junction Wreck 1893 court case from accident (read both)

Ann Arbor Railroad Shippers Directory issued Jan. 11, 1944

Mesick Train wreck 1907 court case

Train Order to move Cadillac & Lake City #2 3-14-1968

Accidents Reported 1920s

Ann Arbor Railroad Customer- New Haven Coal Mine

Accidents Reported 1940s

Logging Customers 1889

Ann Arbor Railroad Accidents in ICC File

List of customers as 3-20-19 taken from

Shepherd wreck 6-26-1914

WATCO – Ann Arbor

Great Lakes Central