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AnnArbor Railroad Logos

 Logos used by the Ann Arbor Railroad through its history

 Used on early system map


 Used on Paperwork

Used on paperwork

Solid White Background

The Color of the Car shows through lettering

Lettering and flag outline is normally white.

Lettering and flag outline is normally black on gray hopper cars.

The color of the Car is the background.

On M of W equipment, was red on silver M of W cars.

On Black or Yellow M of W cars no flag.

DT&I era Ann Arbor Railroad Heralds By Brain Briggs in Color

Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad control.

The compass is black.

The points on the compass are black and white

Many compasses are without the white points - mainly M of W equipment

The Ann Arbor Railroad system when the flag was in use under the Wabash Railroad control.