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Between milepost 163
Between milepost 163.24 (M-20 overpass) and 163.75 (Broadway St and Mt.
Pleasant Station) there was a spur that went off the east side starting
maybe 100 yards or so north of overpass (right at the end of Cherry Street)
up a grade to a lumber / coal yard ( Campbell - Zing Lumber Yard...)  and old
Factory (Gormans) probably ran parallel but a good 6 feet above the grade
for a 1/4 mile. As a kid when I heard the train whistle I would ride by bike
the two blocks to the spur to see if they would switch off or pick up a car
or two.
 Not much left of the grade or the lumber yard or factory... The spur was
taken out when the welded rail was laid (1980's?).
Also north of the spur and before Broadway there was a grade crossing for a
road that went down to the Chippewa River dams... the river was dammed to
form a mill race for Harris Milling Company.  Fatal accident at that
crossing in the early 60's... after that the city blocked the road so no one
could drive down and over the dams which had no guard rails.