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New steel bridge over Manistee River, rased deck 7 feet higher than old bridge.


This photograph is believed to be the over/underpass at Claggett, just west of Messick.  Though not confirmed, the collector notes that the M&NE also had an underpass at Walton but the track beneath would have been straight at that point and this track is curved.  The line on top is the Ann Arbor Railroad and the line below is the M&NE looking northeast.  The photo dates from 1904 or 1905.  The crew appears to be in the process of changing this from a trestle to a bridge, preparing to pour concrete sides in preparation for fill. [Charles Showalter Collection]

Unloading new steel bridge over Manistee & Northeastern RR, raised  Ann Arbor track grade 7 feet
Setting new bridge
Setting new bridge
Load testing new bridge

Pile driver S-41 using tender from engine 103 with Engine 106 driving piles for reinforcement of embankment.

Picture data as Mile post 362 - Harlan

Wm. H. Runyan Collection

Traverse City Public Library
now holds the collection of pictures.

Bridge Completed


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