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Ann Arbor Railroad Freight Connections and Junctional Points Menu

Freight Connections and Junctional Points Menu

The 189? items are from sheets marked 1890 and 1895 but are not correctly marked

In the early days of the railroad - railroads were merging and changing name also every day, the Ann Arbor was realigning grades, and interchanges points were moved or discontinued.

The mileage listed is from Toledo, Ohio to Ann Arbor station or interchange point, any mileage greater than 292 is docking point for a car ferry.
Mileage in 1892 varies all over the point with a line being leased (C&SM) and running rights over another (M&NE)
The mileage in 1895 is listed from South Lyons, Michigan (the railroad is in several disconnected pieces at this time)

Toledo, Ohio interchange points were listed as '0' reguardless of where the interchange point was actually located.  In Toledo, Ohio the Ann Arbor Railroad did not pull interchange cars to other railroads - other railroads pulled interchange cars to the Ann Arbor Railroad.

Starting in 1938 interchange mileposts were not listed.

Henry F. Burger
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