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Web Page changes and additions

Web Page changes and additions

Dec 31, 2008

Hit counter 21966 making 3300 hits for the year

Dec. 24, 2008

Added to 'Interlocking Menu' Thompsonville interlocking plant

Dec. 18, 2008

Sales pages have been updated to match Ralphs & Hugh listings, updated Milepost 200-250 listing

Dec. 2, 2008

Added to 'Interlocking Menu' Annpere interlocking plant

Nov. 23, 2008

Added to 'Interlocking Menu' Lakeland interlocking plant

Nov. 16, 2008

Added to 'Interlocking Menu' Table of Interlocking points, also Dundee DL&N - AA interlock plant

Nov. 14, 2008

Added link to on 'Publication' web page

Nov. 11, 2008

Added 'Interlocking Menu' with Milan 1st interlocking Wabsh - AA, under 'Right of Way' selection

Oct. 25, 2008

Added menu for 'Ann Arbor Railroad System Employees' under Bibliography Menu - newspaper stories of employees

Oct. 22, 2008

Added "Vignettes of the Ann Arbor Railroad, Volume #2" to sale page

Sept. 29, 2008

Updated for sale listings, passenger car Misc. notes

Aug. 19, 2008

Updated Ralph Matthies data 1973 finished

Aug. 10, 2008

Rebuilt the 'Bibliography' web page and updated same

 Aug. 3, 2008

Added Green Bay & Western decal ordering sheet and redid existing decal ordering page.
Hit counter 20577; 911 hits since 1st of year

July 23, 2008

Added ICC Valuation report AA & MLS for 1915 in 'History Menu', reformatted 'History Menu', Updated Passenger car data from ICC Valuation 1915

July 12, 2008

Updated Ralph Matthies data 1972 completed

June 12, 2008

Added more pictures from C.T. Stoner Collection - Frankfort and South Eastern

June 5, 2008

Updated Ralph Matthies data 1971 completed, Hit counter 20168, 271 since 5/1/2008

May 1, 2008

Hit counter 19897, 1231 since first of year

Apr. 26, 2008

Updated Ralph Matthies data

Mar. 31, 2008

Updated Michigan Manual depot listing, hit counter 19606; 940 hits from first of year

Mar. 24, 2008

Updated M of W and passenger equipment pages

Feb. 1, 2008

Added 900 series flatcars to Freight cars page

Jan. 13, 2008

Replace 'unknown picture' selection with 'Photographs (steam)' steam engine pictures from my collection - originally from C. T. Stoner

Jan. 6, 2008

Updated steam engine roster, showing both Ann Arbor original class and Wabash class, added additional notes from John F. Harris steam engine roster

Jan. 5, 2008

Found two Equip Reg copy pages were miss marked which made the interchange listing for 1890s wrong, installed a correct 1895 interchange list.

Jan. 1, 2008

Start hit counter 18666 - made start of the year updates

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