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Michigan Argus Feb. 23, 1877

The Toledo & Ann Arbor Railroad.

Editor ARGUS: As there seems to be some misunderstanding of my proposition to be one of fifty to give $25,000 to secure the completion of the Toledo, Ann Arbor and Northern Railroad, and a fear that it would shut out smaller subscriptions and endanger the success of the project, I will now say that I will subscribe $500 and pay it when the road shall be put in operation, without regard to the sums others may subscribe. The $25,000, or such other sum as the citizens subscribing and the contracting capitalists may agree upon, may be made up is subscriptions of $1,000, $500, $100, or $50 each, more or less. I hope that this will convince all parties that I mean business.

Yours, Jos. T. Jacobs

P. S. Fred Schmid promises $500, and Anton Eisels, H. Hutzel, Chris Walker, Jojn Schumacher, and J. Heinzman & Son, each $100.

Toledo & Ann Arbor R. R. - The Owosso American Nov. 21, 1877

The “Railroad Notes” of the Detroit Free Press contain the following:

It is finally certain that the Ann Arbor & Toledo Railroad will be constructed. Ex-Gov. Ashley has informed a representative of The Free Press that at last a sufficient amount of subscriptions have been obtained to warrant the organization of a company and the beginning of the work as soon thereafter as possible. He will issue a call for a meeting of the stockholders, to beheld in Ann Arbor within the next two weeks probably, at which officers will be elected. The work will probably be commenced at Dundee. George T. Clark, civil engineer, has gone from Ann Arbor to Dundee to examine the site of proposed bridges which it will be necessary to construct there.”

The Statesman (Marshall), Wednesday 20, 1877

In Ann Arbor a good deal of enthusiasm prevails over the prospect of the completion of the Toledo, Ann Arbor and Northern Railroad, which had been abandoned as a hopeless case.