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The Ann Arbor Register Jan. 8, 1879

The 7:30 A. M. train last Thursday on the Toledo and Ann Arbor Railroad left as usual, with some 15 or 20 passengers on board, and when about eight from here was blocked by snow which had drifted upon the track in large quantities. It was unable to move and an engine was sent to its assistance, but the latter met the same fate at a point about a mile distant from the first mentioned train. An engine was telegraphed for from Toledo, the other two engines having been exhausted of both fire and water. The additional engine finally came and succeeded Saturday in extricating the two other engines and took them to Toledo, where they were repaired and then returned to the coaches which had remained all the while near Urania. The passengers had meanwhile fared as best they could. The women and children were accommodated at farm houses and some of the men slept in the cars. They all unite in bearing testimony to the hospitality of the people in the vicinity.

The passenger coach caught on fire from its chimney and burned rapidly. There was no water in the vicinity, but all hands turned to and shoveled snow on to the burning car, which however burned like timber. No part of it was saved except the trucks. It was fortunate that the car stood by itself, apart from the baggage or express car. The car was valued at $2,000 or $3,000. The train reached this city Sunday afternoon, that being the first arrival of a train on the road since the preceding Wednesday night. Although the passengers would prefer not to go through a similar experience again.