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Saline Observer Nov. 25, 1882
The iron on the Detroit and Butler railroad in now (Tuesday) laid within two miles of this place and they expect to pass through here on Thursday, (Thanksgiving Day.)

The probabilities are that the depot for the Butler road will located at the crossing of the Toledo and Ann Arbor and also that the T. & A. A. depot will be moved to the same place.

Railway World Jan. 28, 1882

Mr. C. C. Dodge has been appointed master mechanic, with office at Ann Arbor, Mich.

Saline observer June 29, 1882
Nora – Ten trains a day over the T. A, A, & G. T. now.

Saline Observer July 20, 1882
[Argus]: Railroad commissioner Williams was in the city Tuesday and instructed prosecuting attorney Whitman to stop all train on the Toledo road provided the company do not promptly fence their road through S. W. Shurtleff’s farm in Northfield.

A train on the T. & A. A. Ry,, ran into a flock of sheep, north of Ann Arbor, last week, killing 13.

Saline Observer Aug. 3, 1882
The American Express Co., has established an office at Nora Station.

The Toledo, A. A. & G. T. Railway company were required to show cause, yesterday why a general injunction should not issue against them for not fencing their road through the lands of S. W. Shurtleff in Ann Arbor town. We have not learned the result.

Saline Observer Aug. 10, 1882
About two o’clock Sunday morning an accident happen to a freight train on the T. A. A. & G. T., just south of Nora. Seven rear cars jumped the track, and two of them, which were loaded with lumber and shingles, were completely wrecked. Being very foggy the accident was not noticed by the train-men, and the remainder of the train went on as though nothing had happened.

Saline Observer Aug. 17, 1882
The down freight on the T. A. A. & G. T. broke in two, near this place, on Monday last, and was not noticed by the engineer until he stopped at the crossing, when the rear part of the broken train coming down the grade, ran into the other and smashed things considerable. No on injured.

Saline Observer Aug. 24, 1882
Business just booming on the T. A. A. & G. T. RR. Long trains of coal and wood go north, and plumber and shingles south.

The Statesman (Marshall), Thursday, November 9, 1882

The Toledo & Ann Arbor road has become valuable property, and the policy of Governor Ashley in holding on to it has made him a rich man. On Thursday the Governor returned from New York, having completed negotiations with both the Grand Trunk and the Toledo, Grand Haven & Milwaukee for the use of his road and terminal facilities to reach Toledo. The Toledo & Milwaukee are now at work along the line. They propose to run cars between Toledo and Marshall early in 1883. This road taps the Toledo & Ann Arbor at Dundee, 22 miles north of Toledo, and will use the track of that road to this city. – Toledo Journal.

An Ithaca named Walbridge desired to serve an injunction process upon J. M. Ashley, Jr., of the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Northern railroad, and after some words, Ashley is alleged to have struck and kicked Walbridge. Ashley is big enough to eat up a man of Walbridge's stature.

Railway World Nov. 18, 1882

Mr. J. M. Ashley, president, will act as general manager also until further notice.