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Isabella County Enterprise Jan. 6, 1888
Toledo, Ann Arbor & Cadillac railroad has paid several thousand dollars of its indebtedness at Cadillac.

Thomas Kirby, a surety on the bonds of an Sahley saloonist has withdrawn his name deeming it too much of a risk.

Owosso The Times Jan. 6, 1888

Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan Railway Company

Notice is hereby given, that there will be a special meeting of the Stockholders of the Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan Railway Company, at the Company's office in Toledo, Ohio, on Monday, February 27th, A. D., 1888, at 11 o'clock A. M.

The object of this meeting is to approve or reject the agreement for consolidation, heretofore made by the Board of Directors of the Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan and the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Cadillac Railway Company, and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before said meeting.

C. F. Cook, Secretary
Dated Toledo, O., December 12, 1887.

Cadillac business men have put up the necessary cash for a bang-up blowout over the completion of the T. A. A. & C. railway to that place. Speech making and lots to eat and drink is the programs.

Lyons Weekly Mirror Jan. 7, 1888
A passenger car on the Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan road was upset at Alma, Mich., Wednesday by a bad frog. Six persons were fatally injured, and the north bound train was delayed for hours.

Owosso The Times Jan. 13, 1888
The brick work on the T. & A. A. machine shops was commenced on Monday.

Owosso The Times Jan. 20, 1888
The Cadillac News and Express: The passenger train on the Toledo & Cadillac road is now making regular daily trips, arrives and departs as nearly on time as do the trains on any road at this season. The train is in charge of T. H. Dodds, an experienced railroader and a accommodating gentleman. – The Toledo, Ann Arbor & Cadillac railway has been leased to J. M. Ashley, Jr., until the consolidation of the two roads is effected.

Corunna Journal February 2, 1888
A short time ago a freight train on the T. A. road was wrecked in the township of Fairfield and a quantity of goods stolen from the cars. A detective was sent to Fairfield to investigate and it was discovered that a I number of prominent fanners did the stealing. Last week a number of respectable appearing farmers arrived in town and repaired to Justice Baldwin's office and put up $65 each to settle the matter. [American]

Isabella County Enterprise Feb, 3, 1888
The T. A. A. & C. railroad is now operated under lease to J. M. Ashley, Jr., J. C. Carland is train master.

A shingle shed 20 x 100 feet is being build near the T. & A. siding.

Pinckney Dispatch February 9, 1888
Railroad business is largely on the increase. The main line has to be used for siding, the side track, 5 in number, not being room for all the cars that is bought here daily.[Hamburg Correspondent]

Isabella County Enterprise Feb. 10, 1888
Last Friday a number of men from off the T. & A. north were in Mt. Pleasant after their pay. They received part of their pay and some returned to work and the rest went about other business.  The company are paying as fast a they get money and considerable amount of the indebtedness has been canceled the past week.

Corunna Journal February 16, 1888 (retyped)

Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Mich. Ry.

Depot on Shiawasse Ave.

Trains Going North.




9 55 A. M.

9 10 A. M.

7 46 P. M.

Trains Going South.




910 A.M.

1:25 P. M.

4.45 P. M.

Trains run by Central Standard Time, which is, 28 minutes slower than common time. Local Trains are liable to be cancelled. See Railway Time Cards and Guides for corrections.



Gen. Supt., Toledo, O.

Gen. PASS. Agt., Toledo, O.

T. NORTHCUTT, Depot Agent. Corunna.

The square timber men are improving the fine sleighing i« delivering their timber where it can be., loaded on the cars. It is taken to Toledo by rail, and then. shipped by water to Quebec and then shipped to the Old Country. It is estimated ;that $50,000 will be left with the fanners in this vicinity for oak timbers this present winter.

Isabella County Enterprise Feb. 17, 1888
Mail and express matter will be carried on the T. A. & C. after March 1st.

The Ann Arbor Courier Feb, 22, 1888
The commissioner of railroads has been appealed to compel the T. & A. A. R. R. Co. to operate the South Lyon branch of their road.

Corunna Journal February 23, 1888
John Willis vs. T. A. A. & N. M. R. R. appeal, judgment for plaintiff, $120.

Alex. McKercher vs. the T. & A. A. road, trespass, judgment for $377.35, Mr. McKercher was put off a train while holding a ticket, and brought suit through his attorney J. T. McCurdy, and recovered the above amount. Lyon.& Hacklemse for defendant.

Isabella County Enterprise Feb 24, 1888
The earnings of the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Cadillac railroad amounted to $13,126 during the month of January. Its first month's work and this in the face of a disastrous snow blockade.

Isabella County Enterprise March 2, 1888
Mail service will be commenced upon the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Cadillac railroad on the the 10 inst. A through pouch only will be carried at first.

Owosso The Times March 2, 1888
The Toledo, A. A. & N. M. railroad is doing an immense freight business. In five years hence it will be the leading railroad of Michigan.

The T., A. A. & N.M. R'y and the T., A. A. & Cadillac railways have been consolidated under one management.

Corunna Journal March 8, 1888
The Toledo Saginaw & Mackinac railroad company has just purchased property on Washington Ave. in East Saginaw for a depot, which is to be completed about August 1. The road from Durand to East Saginaw will be ready for the iron in a short time and it is expected it will be completed June 1.

Isabella County Enterprise March 9, 1888
 James H. Seely of Vernon gave the ENTERPRISE a pleasant call Monday. He says the T. & A. depot at Wheaton is nearly completed and that the side track is laid. As soon as these are done the Vernon bonds will be delivered to Mr. Ashley who promises that the proceeds shall be applied in taking up the time labor checks held in that township.

Isabella County Enterprise March 23, 1888
A washout on the T. & A. Tuesday near Isabella City threw an engine and tender from the track, making nearly a total wreck. Engineer Taylor had a leg sightly injured and the fireman was slightly injured on the hand. They were on the road to Mt. Pleasant for medical aid for conductor McKeever, who was sick with typhoid fever at Farwell. McKeever died at that place on the same day before aid arrived.

Corunna Journal March 29, 1888
The Ashley village board have repudiated the bonds that were issued for water works and then donated to the T. S. & M. R. R.

Pinckney Dispatch April 12, 1888

Charles Rose has the job of transferring all T., A. A. & N. M. cars at this station. He gets $1.75 per car.[Hamburg Correspondent]

Owosso The Times April 13, 1888
The Owosso Canning Co. have purchased the necessary ground for the erection of 3 buildings near the T. & A. R. R. from Burrill Chipman and are now making preparations for the building, expecting to be ready to commence operations in the early fall.

The work at the car shops is being pushed along rapidly. The large repair shop and foundry is fast nearing completion; the boiler for the engine room is being placed in position and the wood work is being painted. Quite a force of men is employed repairing engines, cars, etc.; another force is laying new tracks, grading and filling in and putting the yard in shape. The repair work on the engines is now directed by Mr. J. Rose, of Norwalk, Ohio, who arrived in Owosso last week. Work has commenced on the car shop which is to be 124x200 feet.

Corunna Journal April 26, 1888
The rail read consolidation board approves the consolidation of the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Cadillac roads.

The annual meeting of 'the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Northern Michigan road was held in Toledo the other day, when the old board of directors was re-elected. The members are J. M. Ashley, H. W. Ashley, J. M. Ashley Jr. I. Robinson, John Cummings, William Baker, A. W. Wright, of Alma, Mich.; E. A. Todd of Owosso; J. H. Fancher of Mt Pleasant. The officers, Whose names follow, were aiso re-elected: James M. Ashley, president; A. W. Wright, vice-president; H. W. Ashley, second vice,-president and general manager; C. F. Cook, secretary; B. F. Jervis, treasurer.

Track-laying has commenced on the Saginaw & Durand road

Ann Arbor Argus April 27, 1888
Rapidly Growing Business on the Toledo Road

The annual report of the Toledo, Ann Arbor and North Michigan railroad company, which has done much toward increasing Ann Arbor's prosperity, has been received at this office. It shows a very gratifying business to have been done during the year 1887. The receipts of the year from freight was $308,547.18, from passengers $133,930.47 and from other sources sufficient to bring the total receipts to the respectable figure of $535,752.95. The receipts for the last six months of the year exceeded those of the first six months by over $60,000. They exceeded the receipts of 1886 by $155,501.96, and of 1885 by $234,526.45.

The operating expense of the road during the year was $342,605.87 and the interest paid on the bonded debt amounted to $184,800. A good share of the operating expenses, consisted in improvements made to the road bed. The increase in tonnage during the year was nearly forty per cent over that of 1886. The freight earnings increased nearly fifty per cent and the passenger earnings seventy-seven per cent. President Ashley estimates that the receipts of 1888 will reach $844,000.

The Cadillac road was completed during 1888 and completes the main line of the road from Mt. Pleasant to Cadillac a distance of 64miles,making a main line of 234 miles. The estimated increase in earning from the Cadillac extension as not less than half a million dollars. The last rail on the Muskegon road was laid December 25, 1887. This road runs Ashley on the T. A. A., and N. M. railroad to Muskegon, 96 miles and is run in connection with the Toledo road. The Saginaw road from Durand, on the line of the Toledo road to East Saginaw is expected to be completed by next July and to be run in connection with the Toledo road. This road will be extended to the Straits of Mackinaw. A new connecting road is being built Cadillac to Frankfort on Lake Michigan to be operated by the Toledo road. It will be sixty-three miles long. A company has been organized to build a road from Marion on the line of the Toledo company, via. Petosky, Charlevoix, etc., to Mackinaw 140 miles and a good portion of the right of way has been secured. A new road is also projected from Mt. Pleasant west through Big Rapids. All these connecting roads will greatly swell the volume of business on the T. and A. A.

Isabella County Enterprise April 27, 1888
The surveying party started out from Cadillac last week to survey through to Frankfort for the extension of the the Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan railroad. There are three work trains on the north division in ballasting and fitting up the track to handle through freight and passenger traffic. It is thought the track will be completed in about three weeks.

Owosso The Times April 27, 1888
Trains from the Toledo, Saginaw & Muskegon road will run into Owosso over the T. and A. A.

Owosso The Times May 4, 1888
Saginaw Herald: Work on the Toledo, Saginaw & Mackinaw railroad is to be pushed as rapidly as possible, and contracts have been let to Wiswell, of Chicago,for laying the iron, and to Shoulters, of Port Huron, for building fences. It is hoped that trains will run by June 15.

Isabella County Enterprise May 5, 1888
A $10,000 lot T. A. A. & N. M. bonds were sold at New York last Friday at 100 1/2.  A $5,000 lot was also sold the same day for 100 3/4.

As the T. & A. Monday morning train was about halfway between Shepherd and Alma, a tree fell across the track in front of the train without warning.  As the train was moving at a rapid rate there was no time to stop, and it crashed through breaking the tree in two.  No damage was done beyond breaking the car windows, marring the cars and giving the passengers a good jarring.

The Toledo & Ann Arbor shops at Owosso are nearly completed.

Corunna Journal May 5, 1888
Grading on the Durant and Saginaw R. R. It. still continues, they have laid about 1/2 miles of truck along which in strewn thousands of. ties and iron and such material as used for that purpose.

Corunna Journal May 10, 1888
A party of Surveyors working on the proposed line of the Toledo, Saginaw & Muskegon Railroad, were in Flint on Thursday. The observations taken, we are told were on a line from Chesaning running two miles south of Flushing village, and entering Flint from the west, near Gleenwood cemetery,[Flint Citizen]

Owosso The Times May 11, 1888
The extension of the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Northern Michigan railroad to Frankfort has progressed so far as to be given a name, the “Toledo, Ann Arbor & Lake Michigan Railway,” with general offices in Cadillac. Two Surveying parties started from this city Monday morning and are now making what is expected to be the final locating survey. It is now said to be settled that Cadillac's expectation of being united with the ambitious little village of Sherman is doomed to disappointment, so far as the “T. & A.” extension is concerned as the route now seemingly certainly certain to be adopted run about nine miles south of Sherman.-- Cadillac Express.

Chesaning Argus: Charley Quigley has given up his position as baggage-man for T. & A. road at Owosso to accept a similar position and more pay from the Michigan Central at that place.

Pinckney Dispatch May 17, 1888
Track-laying has been commenced on both ends of the Toledo, Saginaw & Mackinaw railroad.

Theo. O. Hebling brings suit against the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Northern Michigan railroad company for $50,000 damages, on account of the death of his son, who was shot in the Chapin right of way war in Osceola county last fall.

Corunna Journal May 17, 1888
Theo. O. Hebiing brings suit against the Toledo, Ann Arbor St Northern Michigan railroad company for $30,000 damages, on account of the death of his son, who was shot in the Chapin right of way war, in Osceola county last fall.

Owosso The Times May 18, 1888
A large addition will soon be built on the T. & A. A. depot to accommodate increasing freight business.

Isabella County Enterprise May 25, 1888
The branch railroad from Cadillac to Frankfort is to be called the Toledo, Ann Arbor and Lake Michigan while in course of construction. Branches connecting Manistee and Traverse City are also contemplated.

Owosso The Times June 1, 1888
The T., A. A. & N. M. Railway.

That our citizens, who of their surplus have contributed some $40,000 to this enterprise, and are as we honestly believe in honor bound to contribute $10,000 more, may know something of what this corporation is doing to justify the confidence which has been reposed in them by the people of Owosso, we present herewith a few interesting facts to be found in their last annual report. And premise by saying that few men In the world have shown themselves superior, in executive ability, James M. Ashley, the active and efficient head of this popular enterprise. And this enterprise is yet in its infancy. The Excellency of its management in it financial point of views has placed its bonds on a par in the money centre with those of the beat of great trunk lines. This has enabled President Ashley to push his road northward much faster than was expected and will enable him to reach Frankfort, on Lake Michigan the present summer, almost beyond a doubt. During the past year the earnings of the road have been much larger than was anticipated even by its most sanguine friends and placed the road, today, among time best paying of the new trunk lines. Briefly summarized the receipts and expenses for the year were as follows:

From Freight



From Passengers


From Mail


From Express


From Rental and Miscellaneous


Total for year



The Operating Expenses:

For Conducting Transportation



For Maintenance of Way and Building


For Maintenance of Motive Power





Net Earnings for 1887



The interest on the bonded debts was:

On $1,260,000 Southern Division Bonds 1 year



On $1,600,000 Main Line Bonds 1 year


On $520,000 Main Line Bonds 2 months


On $400,000 Mt. Pleasant Division Bonds 4 Months





Balance surplus carried to 1888



Which Is enough to show the financial condition of the road to he flourishing. There were 539,093 tons of freight carried during 1887, an increase of 140,269 tons over 1886, and the outlook for the present year is even better than the last one.

From the annual report of President Ashley to the stockholders of the company we quote the following:

"A glance at any recent railroad map of Michigan will show that the road is so located as to secure it large traffic from all which now completed and connecting with It, and from all which may hereafter be built north and northwest of it. This was the original purpose of its projectors, and they have methodically and steadily pushed the extension of their road across the state, north by west, until it has now become, and beyond question will continue to be one of the most important factors in handling the railroad commerce of central and northern Michigan. In short, the Ann Arbor road has developed into a "System" which is destined to reach and control a larger territory than any other road in the lower peninsular.


The plan of 'Profit Sharing and Stock Allotment," adopted by this company at its last annual meeting of Stockholders, has met with so cordial and general a reception by the officials and employees of the company and by many of the foremost thinkers and writers on the labor problem in this country, that the Board of Directors Lake this occasion to reaffirm their faith in Its practicability and to reassure the officers and employees of the company that they do not question Its ultimate success.

Letters heartily commending the plan have been received by the President, not only from many laboring men of ability, but from writers on the "true relations of labor and capital," and on economic questions.

These voluntary letters of approval are beyond question a reflex of the Individual convictions of many thoughtful men of recognized character and Independent judgment, and represent the hopeful and healthy side of the labor problem.


The steady increase In our traffic has made the year 1887 the most prosperous in our history.

During that time no passenger or employee has lost his life, nor has any serious accident occurred.

To the officials and employees of the company we are largely indebted for the successful and gratifying result, and It is fitting and proper that the recognition of this Indebtedness should be freely and publicly made by the Bard of Directors."

Isabella County Enterprise June 15, 1888
Four construction trains are employed on the Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan at present. Grade is being changed and track ballasted and straightened. It is expected that two passenger trains per day each way and two freight trains will be put on soon after June 15. Postal telegraph Co., has its line completed along the road and will begin to do commercial business June 15.

Owosso The Times June 15, 1888
Several changes have been made in the force at the T. & A. A. depot, Mr. J. T. Eaton, station agent for the past two years, has been appointed assistant treasurer with headquarters at Toledo. His family will soon remove there. We regret to see Mr. Eaton and family leave. D. Riley, commercial agent of the road, is temporarily filling the vacancy. Tom Kerwin has been transferred to Master Mechanic Galloway's office as clerk, and his place is filled by Harry Wrightman, of Mt. Pleasant.

Isabella County Enterprise June 22, 1888
$64,000 T. & A. bonds were sold on the New York market Monday at prices ranging from 101 1/2 to 102.

Pinckney Dispatch June 28, 1888

The shops of the Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan railroad at Owosso are so nearly completed that the headquarters off the line have been established there. Over 300 houses will be built in Owosso this season , 200 being already completed.

Corunna Journal July 7, 1888
H. G. Proud, of Detroit, is the new station agent of the T. & A. A., at Owosso.

Isabella County Enterprise June 29, 1888
Twenty miles of logging railroad belonging to the Roscommon lumber company have been bought by the Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan railroad, and the rails have been torn up to be used at other points.

Owosso The Times July 6, 1888
H. G. Proud, of Detroit, is the new station agent of the T. & A. A. in this city.

The name of the station in Venice township on the Toledo and Saginaw railroad has been changed from Lennon to Dickinson, in honor of the postmaster general.

Owosso The Times July 13, 1888
Commencing Monday next passenger trains on the T. & A. A. Ry. Will leave Owosso as follows: south, 9:03 a. m.; 12:30 and 6:35 p. m. North, 6:50 a. m.; 1:30 and 7:55 p. m.

Owosso The Times July 20, 1888
Saginaw Herald: It appears that the Toledo, Saginaw & Muskegon railroad has not been sold to the Grand Trunk. An agreement was ratified on Tuesday by the companies, by which the T, S, & M., in return for its business over and with the Grand Trunk companies, practically secures a guarantee of the interest on its bonds and guarantees to Muskegon the advantage of one of the best trunk line systems in the country.

The Ann Argus July 27, 1888

W. J. Just has started a lumber yard at the T. and A. A. crossing on South Main street.

Another change in time went into effect on the Toledo and Ann Arbor road last Sunday, under which the afternoon south bound train now passes through here at 3:07 p. m.

About as big a farce of a train as runs on any railroad in these parts is that which runs between Ann Arbor and South Lyon and accommodates no body. It is the yard engine here with our baggage master for conductor and brakeman. It leaves here for South Lyon at 7 a. m., travel the twelve and a half miles in an hour. A Half hour later it leaves South Lyon and gets back here at 9:30 a. m. Any Ann Arborite who has business in South Lyon or South Lyonite who has business in Ann Arbor must stay over night or go by wagon road.

Benzie Banner Aug. 2, 1888
Engineer Davis has been in consultation with H. W. Ashley this week, in reference to the exact route of the T. A. extension to Frankfort. Mr. Davis says there is no reason to longer doubt that the road will go through Sherman, if the people of that section remain willing to fulfill the liberal promises they have made. It is probable that Sherman and vicinity will be asked to give not less that twenty thousand dollars to have the line placed where they wish, but even at that price it would be a good investment. Work will commenced on this end of the extension the second week in August. [Cadillac News and Express]

Isabella County Enterprise Aug. 3, 1888
Anna C. Williams of Cadillac, who brought suit against the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Cadillac railway for throwing her boats and property stored in her boat house out, and moving the building away, has obtained a judgment of over three hundred dollars damages for same.

Owosso The Times August 3, 1888
Loop Line To Muskegon.

An Important Acquisition to the Grand Trunk System.

The Grand Trunk System has acquired another Michigan road in the Toledo, Saginaw & Muskegon railroad. This road runs parallel with, and from five to twenty-five miles north of, the Detroit, GA haven & Milwaukee, in the western part of the state, and its terminus, Muskegon, is about twelve miles north of Grand Haven, on the Lake Michigan shore. The Grand Trunk now has in these two roads a loop line to Muskegon, which is the second largest timber point in the state.

The new route commences on the acquired road at Muskegon, then easterly to Ashley, its former terminus. At that point the tracks of the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Northern Michigan road will be used to Owosso, a distance of 21 miles. There it connects with the Detroit Grand Haven & Milwaukee division of the Grand Trunk System. It Is expected the Grand Trunk will start a new line of steamers between Muskegon and Milwaukee.

The deal was consummated at the Wayne hotel yesterday by Joseph Hickson, general manager, and E. W. Meddaugh, local attorney, for the Grand Trunk; and for the Toledo, Saginaw & Muskegon road by President David Robinson, of Toledo; vice president M. V. Mc Cracken. of Muskegon, and Secretary. S. P. Pennington, of New York.—Detroit Journal.

Owosso The Times August 10, 1888
Grand Trunk trains are running direct from Muskegon to Owosso, coming over the T. & A. A. track from Ashley. The passenger train arrives in Owosso at 1:15 p. m., and one leaves at 10:20 a:20 a. m.

Owosso The Times August 17, 1888
Forty-eight men are now employed at the T. & A. A. car shops.

About fifty engineers, brakemen, firemen, and conductors of the T. & A. A. reside in Owosso.

The machinery will soon be placed in the car shops of the T. & A. A. when a large force of men will be put at work.

Corunna Journal August 30,1888
Burglars robbed the ticket office of the TV A. A. & N. M. railroad at Farwell Tuesday night, but did not get much.

Isabella County Enterprise Aug. 31, 1888
Mail will be carried over the T. & A. between Mt. Pleasant and Cadillac after Sept. 10.

Benzie Banner Sept. 6, 1888
James Ashley, Jr., is in Cadillac this week, but will give no further guesses as the future of the “T. & A.” extension. He says, however, that Ashley, Senior, is in New York negotiating for a million-dollar loan, an if that can be effected at once, work on the extension will as promptly commence. A delay in effecting the loan will delay work on the extension. [Cadillac News and Express]

What will you wager, doubters, that Mr. Ashley and his co-workers will ultimately complete the Frankfort & Southern?

The Ann Arbor Argus Sept. 7, 1888
The Toledo & Ann Arbor railroad are to build a double track from this city to South Lyon.

The plans for the depot which the Toledo & Ann Arbor company wish to build here, have arrived. They say the building will cost $3,500. It may be so, but in style and beauty it resembles the buildings often put by some of the railroads at stations, where the trains stop only on signals. Do our citizens want to pay over $2,000 to open up a street to such an inferior depot?

Owosso The Times September 7, 1888
The T. & A. A. Ry. Will sell excursion tickets to the State fair next week at one fare. On Thursday a special train will run from at Farwell to Hamburg Junction to Jackson. All other days trains will connect with M. C. trains at Owosso Junction.

Corunna Journal September 9, 1888
Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Mich. Ry

Depot on Shiawasse Ave.
Trains going North.


6:47, a. m.

Mail express

1:21, p.m.



Local Freight

5:10, p.m.

Trains going South.


9:08, a. m.

Mail Express

12:37, p.m.



Local Freight

6:50 a. m.

Trains run by Central Standard Time, which is 23 minutes slower than common time. Local Trains are liable to be canceled. See Railway Time Cards and Guides for connect ions.

Gen. Pass.Agt.,
Toledo, O.

Gen.Supt, Toledo, O.

T. NORTHCUTT.Depot Agent, Corunna.

C. H. Corrionnage, one of the civil engineers employed on the survey of the proposed extension of the Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan railroad to Frankfort, Mich.

A new station on the Saginaw & Durand railroad has been named Burt.

Pinckney Dispatch September 13, 1888
The South Lyon Picket says that the Grand Trunk company are negotiating for the purchase of the T., A. A. & N. M. R. R, from that place to Toledo.

Isabella County Enterprise Sept. 14, 1888
Work has been commenced on the T. & A. northern extension from Cadillac.

Corunna Journal September 16, 1888
Trains now run from Owosso to Muskegon over the new Grand Trunk route, formerly known as the Toledo, Saginaw & Muskegon road.

Owosso The Times September 21, 1888
Owosso Junction.

The junction of the D. G. H. & M., the M. C. and T. & A. A. Railways at Owosso is the place of an immense passenger transfer, and the station house and waiting rooms at that place have become entirely inadequate for the proper accommodations of passengers. The building is old and unsightly and positively out. of keeping with the conditions of the various roads. The warped floor, unsightly smoked wails and old benches are repulsive to the traveling public who are compelled to await the arrival and departure of trains. The importance of Owosso junction and the standing of the various railroads crossing there demands a new commodious building at that point.

Benzie Banner Sept. 27, 1888
On to Lake Michigan

Cadillac Democrat
Commencing at Haynes street,and running for a mile or more to the north and west, can be seen the grade of the T., A. A. & L. M. railroad. A visits to the line yesterday gave an idea of what is being done. About 100 men are at work on this end, six or seven miles of which the Company will build. The work is light and progressing rapidly.

At the Crossing of the Clam river work upon the bridge commences this morning, the pile-driver having been set up yesterday. On both sides of the river the grading is finished, on this side as far as Haynes street and on the other beyond the last dwelling.

The first intimation of a dispute is noticed at this dwelling, whose owner has built fences across the right of way, one of which bears the warning:

Just beyond this foreman McDonald is rapidly completing a station of the grading, using four wagon-scoops, and beyond him foreman Benson, who had charge of the first part of the job, is making another piece of road with a gang of 45 men. Still farther beyond Mr. Wilson with a stump machine worth while going to see, is clearing the right of way at the rate of 150 stumps per day.

Will Davis has taken the contract to grade the worst piece of road between here and the Manistee river – heavy cuts and fills for nearly three miles, commencing near McNitt's – and is now building camps.

The work is being pushed, and we are assured that tracking-laying will progress as rapidly as the road be-bed is prepared.

Isabella County Enterprise Sept. 28, 1888
Next Monday a new time schedule takes effect on the T. & A. as follows: Southward, No. 1, 6:40 a. m., No. 3 4:35 p. m. Northward, No. 2, 12:45 p. m., No. 4, 10:20 p. m. No. 1 starts from Farwell. Trains going south due at Mt. Pleasant 10:37 a. m. and train going north due at 8:58 a. m. will be discontinued. The corrected time table will appear  next week.

Owosso The Times September 28, 1888 (DURAND)
Mr. Geo. I. Davis, of Cadillac, chief engineer of the T. & N. M. Ry. Was married on Tuesday of last week to Miss Lizzie Rathman, of Grand rapids. Mr. D. is well known in Owosso.

Pinckney Dispatch October 4, 1888
The new engine house at South Lyon is fast nearing completion. (whos ?)

Courunna Journal October 4, 1888
The T. A. A. & N. M. railway company are endeavoring to secure control of the Durand and Saginaw road and it is reported that the Grand Trunk management are after the same thing.

Benzie Banner Oct. 10, 1888
? - - - ? - - - ? - - -?
Who Will Get The Proposed Toledo, Ann Arbor & Northern Michigan Extension?

Sometime since the startling fact was published that the Ann Arbor road had probably decided to go Manistee instead of Frankfort. We now have information which warrants us in asserting that the road will either come to Bear Lake or Manistee without the shadow of a doubt. We cannot disclose full particulars, but it is a fact none the less and the future will show we are correct.

As further evidence of this,we will cite the fact that the road as now being graded crosses the Big Rapids and Traverse City state road seven miles south of Sherman. If they follow the survey, they are coming on an air line for Bear Lake, and will cross the Buckley & Douglas road eleven miles southeast of here.

Mr. G. W. Hopkins informs us that if they will come to Bear Lake they can have free use of the B. L. & E. road bed.

It is rumored that the Ann Arbor will run on the Buckley & Douglas road to Manistee, and also northward to the center of Colfax township, Benzie county, and thence to Frankfort, but we have no information on the subject. [Bear Lake Beacon]

One of the most important changes which has ever occurred in Michigan railway circles will unquestionably be brought about by the action of A. W. Wright, in identifying himself with the T., A. A. & N. M. railway,as the backing afforded by his immense wealth will give the road a standing it has never had before. Under his direction the Cadillac branch will be extended to Frankfort, a branch will be constructed from Ann Arbor to Detroit, and the recently acquired line running from Durand to Saginaw will will eventually be extended to the straits, [Michigan Tradesman]

And still the question remains for the future to answer, where is the proposed extension to run? The BANNER believes that Benzonia and Frankfort, and not Bear Lake and Manistee, will get the line from Cadillac, notwithstanding the many reports to the contrary. But let that particular branch of the road run where it will, we are to have our railroad, just the same. It is being built at the present time by the Frankfort & South Eastern, and will be completed by them, unless the Toledo & Ann Arbor corporation purchases the line.

The fear of losing the long-promised road is not what brothers our people; the question for debate is, who will own the road when completed? And that answer will solve the first question.

Owosso The Times October 12, 1888
The T. S. & M. Ry. Co. have entered into a contract with the T. A. A. & N. M company. The latter company is operate the new road in first class style, putting on a full passenger service and equip it with rolling stock for freight purposes. Regular train service will begin about Oct. 15 and two passenger trains will be run each way, direct to and from Toledo and other points. Trains will be run temporarily by telephonic orders.

Ann Arbor Argus Oct. 19, 1888 page 7
The Toledo, Ann Arbor and North Michigan railroad company will open the Saginaw Division for freight business next week, making a direct line between Ann Arbor and the Saginaws. Reserve your orders for the new line. A. J. Paisley Agent.

Owosso The Times October 19, 1888
New machinery is being put in at the car car shops and the force of men increased.

Isabella County Enterprise Nov. 2, 1888
About 400 teams and 850 men are at work on the extension of the Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan railroad from Cadillac to Manistee and Onekama.

Owosso The Times November 16, 1888
The T. & A. A. have made some changes in their time schedule and and have also made two divisions of their line. The southern divisions will be from East Saginaw to Toledo, a a distance of 138 miles, and the northern division from Durand to Cadillac, 135 miles. From Cadillac a branch will be built to Frankfort; and another from Ann Arbor to Detroit will make this one of the most extensive lines in the state. These extensions will require additional men and machinery in the car shops here.

The pump house and machinery of the T. & A. A. Ry. Is to be removed to Durand. The water for the tank here will be pumped at the car shops.

Durand is have a $25,000 union depot to accommodate the railroads centering at that place.

Ann Arbor Argus Nov. 23,1888
A Sad Railroad Accident

Last Friday evening, while James L. P. McAllsister, Robert S. Orr, Nathan Woodmansee and a colored man named Wm. B. Johnson were crossing the Toledo and Ann Arbor railroad track on State street in a wagon driven by Mr. McAllister, train number 4 on the road was coming into the city, and struck the wagon just as it crossed the track. Messrs. McAllister, Orr, and Woodmansee were sitting in the front of the wagon and Mr. Johnston in the bottom. Johnson saw the train coming and jumped out three rods from the track. Mr. Woodmansee about two rods before the wagon reached the tracked, called, “Whom the train is coming.” Mr. McAllister replied, “I can get across,” and commenced whipping the horses, Woodmansee jumping out, leaving McAllister and Orr in the wagon. The horses crossed the track safety, but the wagon was struck, both men thrown out, the wagon utterly demolished and the harness stripped from the horses. Mr. Orr was so badly injured that he died Sunday. Mr. McAllister sustained severe injuries. So suddenly had the whole affair occurred that Mr. McAllister, when picked up, though that he had crossed the track in safety.

An inquest was held before Justice Pond, Wednesday, with Moses Seabolt, H. J. Brown, Leonard Gruner, John Finnegan, Charles Spoor and Charles H. Worden as jurors. The evidence show that the train was coming at the rate of thirty miles an hour and was eight minutes late, that it was growing dark, but was not quite dark enough for the headlight to do much good. Engineer Dodge, Fireman Long and Conductor Hatcher, testified to the blowing of the whistle eighty rods before the crossing was reached and the ringing of the bell by the fireman. Mrs. Mary Fox, who was milking a cow near the track, testified to the cow being frightened by the whistling, but two ladies who were near the crossing heard no whistle and Mr. Woodmansee heard the whistle when the train was only about fifteen rods away. Mr. McAllister testified that he was close to the track, when he first saw the train and was afraid to stop for fear he could not control his horses. The jury rendered a verdict that the collision was an accident and that no one was to blame for the same.

Isabella County Enterprise Nov. 23, 1888
T. & A. now runs regular trains from Durand to Saginaw.  Parties leaving Mt. Pleasant on the early train can get to Saginaw at 12:30 and returning leave at 4:30 p. m., arriving at Mt. Pleasant at 10.15.

Owosso The Times November 23, 1888
Frankfort Express: The Toledo & Ann Arbor company are making a new survey for their road which crosses the Manistee river considerably north of the Eddington farm, and we understand it follows Farnsworth creek for a ways, crossing the northern part of Cleon Township and heading for Benzonia.

Isabella County Enterprise Nov. 30, 1888
The T. & A. traveling auditor checked out F. C. Mayne and checked in C. C. Proud of Detroit as agent at this place last Friday.  He checked Mr. Mayne in at Flushing Saturday.  He compliment Mr. Mayne very highly on the business order of the Mt. Pleasant station.

Owosso The Times November 30, 1888
From the Journal: (Durand) There was trouble on the face of the moon at Durand yesterday. The New Durand ans Saginaw road proposed to cross the C. & G. T. And D, G. H. & M. track and connect with the T. & A. A. on the south side of the above named roads. In order to do this they had to cross the corner of a lot owned by the Durand Land Co. The Land Co. as near as we cal learn wished to have the company agree to do certain prospective switching for them in consideration of which they would grant the right of way. This company refused to do and were preparing to lay their tracks yesterday morning. Pres. Walker of the Land Co. came to Corunna, Tuesday night after an injunction and sent to to St. Johns after men to help him if force was necessary. We have heard nothing of the result of the fray.

Pinckney Dispatch December 6, 1888
Fire from an engine burned the pump house on the T., A. A. & N. M. railroad at Hamburg on Monday of last week.

The Ann Arbor Argus Dec. 7, 1888

Dr. Conrad George called the attention of the council to the very dangerous condition of the crossing of the T., A. A. and N. M. railroad on south Main street and urged the stationing of a flagman there. A pile of lumber where the sidewalk should be, obscured the view of the track and a car which was generally in the roadway still further obscured the view so that it was often impossible to see approaching trains. A general discussion of the condition of the crossing at this and other points ensued. Ald. Miller moved that the state railroad commissioner should be invited here to look over the entire line of the road through this city. Ald. Spokes make a plea for the road and moved as a substitute that a committee of three be appointed to wait upon Mr. Ashley. The substitute was lost, the opinion of the council being that Mr. Ashley was well aware of the condition of the road in this city. The motion of Ald. Miller was then carried nearly unanimously.

Isabella County Enterprise Dec. 7, 1888
Pickard & Garvin have finished their job of grading on the T. & A.

Owosso The Times December 7, 1888
Joel Bessinger has been awarded a contract by the G'd. Trunk Ry. To furnish all the track timber to be used between Owosso and Grand Haven on this road, and all on on the T. S. & M. railroad, which will amount to about 150,000 feet.

The T. S. & M. has changed time again. Train north leaves here at 10:10; from the north arrives at 1:40.

Isabella County Enterprise Dec. 14, 1888
Sheriff Fessenden went to Alma Saturday and with the aid of Detective Whitesell secured Thos. Goble who was arrested for breaking seats in a T. & A. car.  The other fellow implicated has come to Mt. Pleasant and settled to save arrest.

The Ann Arbor Courier Dec. 26, 1888
New time table on the T. & A. A. R. R. Two through trains to East Saginaw.

Hon. John T. Rich, state railroad commissioner, was in the city last Friday looking up the T., & A. A. street crossings.

Several elegant new $10,000 passenger coaches will be put on the T. & A. A. line between Toledo and East Saginaw.

Yesterday morning a stick of timber got out of place on a T. & A. A. freight car,and managed to wiggle itself around in such a manner as to knock the car off the track, about 1 ½ miles east of this city, and scattered thing about promiscuously.

It is with pleasure and regret that we have to announce the promotion of A. J. Paisley of this city to be General Passenger and Ticket Agent of the T. & A. A. R. R., relieving W. H. Bennett, who will hereafter performing the duties of General Freight Agent only. It is a pleasure to note the advancement of so deserving a gentleman. We regret it because it will take from us one of the most genital and pleasant agents the T. & A. A. has ever stationed here. Mr. Paisley is one of the hustlers, and the authorities of the road have shown rare good judgment in his promotion. He will assume his new duties Jan. 1st, and his headquarters will be at Toledo.

The Toledo, Ann Arbor & Northern Michigan railroad will make its western terminus at Manistee or Frankfort, according to which offers the greatest inducements.

The Ann Arbor Argus Dec, 28, 1888
The Railroad Commissioner Here

Hon. John T. Rich, state railroad commissioner, was in the city las Friday to look over the street crossings of Toledo, Ann Arbor and North Michigan railroad, on the invitation of the common council. He decided that a length of a rail must be cut off of the side track of the road on south Main street which was put in for the use of Just's lumber yard, so that the cars upon the siding would not upon the street and so obstruct the view of the track. Managed Harry Ashley stated that in the spring he would remove the sid track and run it into the lumber yard at a different angle so as to still less obstruct the view of the track. Mr. Just, it is understood, will remove the troublesome lumber pile which also prevents seeing approaching trains. On Washington and William streets car were found standing partially on the street while being unloaded. Commissioner Rich called the attention of the authorities to this and said that it must be stopped. Manager Ashley requested that if there should be any more trouble about street crossings his attention should be called to it. The interests of t5he road and the city in this respect are indeed mutual. The city needs to protect its inhabitants and the road ought to save itself from loss by accidents.