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The Owosso Times Jan. 1, 1904

The Ann Arbor railroad will straighten its track in the spring, crossing the Corunna road near the Degham farm in Corunna instead of at the power house here. The track will then pass through Middletown, along the river, coming into Owosso by the pumping station.

Benzie Banner Jan. 28, 1904

Leading business men are circulating a petition asking the state railroad commissioner to compel the Ann Arbor Railway Co. to build a depot in Temperance. The company removed the one which citizens built several years ago.

Benzie Banner Feb. 4, 1904

Ann Arbor Bridge Wrecked.

The curved steel trestle bridge spanning the Huron river at Ann Arbor, was put out out of service Wednesday by the collapse of two spans as a heavily load freight train of twenty-seven cars was crossing. Ten cars loaded with merchandise were thrown to the ice, 60 feet below and demolished, but none of the train men received injury. The train had an engine in front and one behind and was about half over the structure when it gave way. The bridge was designed by the late Prof. Charles E. Greene of the University of Michigan, in 1880, and was the first trestle bridge in the United States to be built on a curve. It is the opinion of railroad men that the accident was caused by the breaking down of a car loaded with coal and not through the fault of the bridge.

The Owosso Times Feb. 5, 1904

In a rear-end collision at Ashley on the Ann Arbor Friday night, John Weaver, an Ithaca stock drover was so badly injured that he died within an hour. Engine 41 collided with the rear end of train 33, and Weaver was riding in the caboose of No. 33.

The Evening Argus Feb. 11, 1904

Last Evening the baggage wagon team of the Union Transfer Co. ran away from the rear of the Ann Arbor depot. The team ran into on of the girders of the South Washington street bridge, wrecking the truck. A block farther north the team jumped onto a light wagon in which George Brown was riding. Mr. Brown was struck on the back of the head and was severely hurt. His wagon was badly damaged.

The Owosso Times Feb. 12, 1904

A car containing live stock was thrown from the track near the Ann Arbor depot Wednesday night and turned completely over. None of the animals were killed.

Benzie Banner Feb. 18, 1904

The Ann Arbor Railway Company has set aside $200,000 for building a sister ship to car ferry No. 3, her type being considered the best. The new carferry will probably be built this year,

Benzie Banner Feb. 18, 1904

The grounds of The Royal Frontenac , at Frankfort , will be greatly beautified a improved this spring . O. D . Kicbard , chief engineer of t h e Ann Arbor R. H , is planning the improvements. Sort maple trees from different parts of the city will be transplanted, flower beds laid out and several varieties of shrubbery planted. The hotel will open June under the management of J. liner Davidson , of the Wayne hotel, Detroit.

The Owosso Times Feb. 22, 1904

Ann Arbor Engine No. 48, is in the shops for repairs.

The Owosso Times Mar. 4, 1904

A double header north bound on the Ann Arbor met with a mishap near Owosso Junction yesterday. Engine 25, in charge of Engineer William Byerly, of this city, was torn in two, th the engine proper parting from the tender under the strain of moving the heavy freight. No. 25 was sidetracked and will be repaired at the Owosso shops.

The Owosso Times Mar. 4, 1904

The most severe snow storm in 25 years struck the northern part of the state, the first of the week, tying up the railroads in bad shape. The Ann Arbor was obliged to make up the southbound evening passenger here on Monday evening, the regular train being stuck in a drift. The Michigan Central canceled all trains on the Mackinaw division for 48 hours.

The Owosso Times Mar. 11, 1904

Ann Arbor Division Come to Owosso.

The statement which can now be made positively that the division of the Ann Arbor railroad is to come back to Owosso, will be received with great satisfaction by our citizens. There is now no longer any question as to the matter and the near future will see the division here.

The Owosso Times Mar. 11, 1904

Ann Arbor Engine No. 47 has been brought to the shops here for repairs.

Ann Arbor engine No. 17 was brought up from Durand Saturday, for repairs.

The Owosso Times Mar. 11, 1904

In last week's Saturday Evening Post Frank H. Spearman, the railroad expert has an article on the Gould System of railroads. He mentions the Ann Arbor as an important link in the system as it gets flour and ore from the north west.

The Owosso Times Mar. 25, 1904

Ann Arbor Engine 36 is at the shops for repairs. It was struck at Milan by a Wabash engine.

The Owosso Times April 1, 1904

Floods at Bannister kept the Ann Arbor from getting north of that place. High water at Laingsburg, on the south and at St. Charles on the north kept a Michigan Central passenger train here for a week. All train on this branch of the line were canceled during the week. The Grand Trunk trains for several days got no further west than Ovid, on account of a washout.

The Owosso Times April 8, 1904

The Ann Arbor Railroad bridge gang, of Owosso, is repairing the bridge over the Huron river at Ann Arbor.

The Owosso Times April 15, 1904

The Ann Arbor Railroad is repainting its passenger coaches to conform to the Wabash standard, light brown with red window frames. The word “Ann Arbor” alone is used to designate ownership, “R. R.” or “Railroad” in each case being cut off.

The Toledo Bee May 2, 1904

Chicago Grain Firm Chooses Toledo as Its Headquarters

The Henry L. Goeman Grain company, of Chicago, has decided to make Toledo its headquarters in the the future and Mr. Goeman, with his force of clerk will be in Toledo tomorrow to open an office here.

They have taken a lease on a suite of rooms in the Spitzer building, where they will be located. In the future Mr. Goeman will maintain a branch office in Chicago.

The Goeman company is an old grain firm, and its coming to Toledo indicates that this city is losing none of its prestige as a grain center. The company has just taken a lease on a large Ann Arbor elevator at Frankfort, Mich., and also has an elevator at Mansfield.

The firm does a large business in rye, many of the larger distilleries of the country buying their rye of this company.

Benzie Banner May 5, 1904

CHANGE O F TIM E on ANN ARBOR R. R. On Monday , May,9th the Ann Arbor R. R. will change time. Trains going north will leave Beulah at 7:18 a. m.,an d 6:00 p. in. going south, at 10.30 a. m . and 9:22 p. m. Sleeping car service between Toledo and Frankfort will be resumed on same date

Benzie Banner May 5, 1904

ANN ARBOR R. R. STEAMERS . The Ann Arbor R. R. Steamers are now sailing on regular schedule, leaving Frankfort for Menominee at 9:30 a. m. Monday. Wednesday, and Friday, and at the same hour on Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday for Manistique. Daily trips are made between Frankfort and Manitowoc

The Toledo News Bee May 6, 1904


In Raising Its Grade It Has Shut Off Entrance to River Front Property

When the Ann Arbor began elevating its roadbed along Riverside park it caused more trouble and inconvenience than first appeared. It has practically closed Columbus street and Ohio street, thus cutting off communication of property owners along the river front. The Toledo Marine railway, owned by James Scanes, who has been in possession for years, seems a great suffer, and this morning Attorney Rhoades, representing the owner, called on the board of public service and asked for some relief.

The board, together with the solicitor and the city engineer, viewed the property and it was admitted that the condition was a shame. Whether it can be remedied or not probably depends upon the conditions of the ordinances by which the Ann Arbor secured privileges crossing Columbus and Ohio streets. If one of the conditions was that the railway company should conform to the grade of the streets at all times, ouster proceedings will be filed and the railway company may be compelled to get down to the established For a long way along the tracks the company has been filling in with Michigan sand and slowly elevating its tracks so that now the tracks at Columbus street are four feet above the grade. This effectually shuts off Scanes from reaching his, the track and the embankment serving as a all which can not be surmounted by tams, and which has caused him all sorts of trouble. He recently had to pack 10,000 feet of lumber across the track by “man power,” instead of hauling it there. Chicago, Cincinnati and Galena streets have been vacated and the height of the grade does not mater so much, but the condition as shown this morning has aroused the resentment of the board of public service and other city officials.

It looks to me,” said Mr. Rhodes, “as if the Ann Arbor company, by raising its tracks, is trying to confiscate a lot of valuable property.” Scanes says that if he is to be shut off from his property he had better sell it and move away. He owns 100 feet and says it is worth $18,000.

The conditions by which the railway company secured the crossings will be carefully looked into by the legal department and if the company overreached its rights it will be made to come to law. When the subject was first broached at the meeting of the board of public service this morning. Mayor Jones was present and agreed to telephone H. W. Ashley, who is assistant to the president of the road and ask him to have the workmen desist.

But the damage had already been done and the workmen were engaged elsewhere.

The Owosso Times May 6, 1904

Change of Time on the Ann Arbor R. R.

On Monday, May 9th the Ann Arbor R. R. will change time. Trains going north will leave Owosso at 11:25 a. m. and 7:22 p. m. going south at 9:03 a. m. and 5:44 p. m. Sleeping car service between Toledo and Frankfort will be resumed on same date date.

The Owosso Times May 20, 1904

Crystal Lake 400, the Ann Arbor Railroad 's observation car, will soon be taken north for the summer campaign between Frankfort and Beulah. It is now being used between Howell and Ann Arbor.

Benzie Banner June 2, 1904

The Ann Arbor have a crew at work beautifying the depot grounds at Beulah, New cement walks, and considerable sodding, will make tho place very attractive. The Ann Arbor people are sparing no expense to make the place beautiful

The Owosso Times June 10, 1904

Beginning next Monday the Ann Arbor evening train north will leave about 7:00 p. m.

The Owosso Times June 17, 1904

Engineer Daniel Prendegast brought Ann Arbor engine No. 15 here for repairs, Tuesday.

Daniel Griffith, of the city city, is engineer on No. 42, which hauls the the Ann Arbor gravel train.

The Toledo News-Bee June 30, 1904


The Ann Arbor has placed in service on its train leaving Toledo at 10:30 a. m., a summer car which is just out of the company's shop at Owosso and which is an innovation in the passenger service. The car is used between Toledo and Ann Arbor and during the afternoon makes hourly trips from Ann Arbor to Lakeland, a small station on Whitmore Lake.

The car is built only for summer use, but can very easily be altered for winter use. It is seventy feet long and will seat eighty people comfortably. It is a veritable observation car having large windows not only on the sides, but in the front and rear. The side windows are five and a half feet wide.

General Passenger Agent Kirby stated this morning that the hourly service between Ann Arbor and Lakeland is proving very popular.

The Owosso Times July 1, 1904

Ann Arbor engine No. 4 is in the shop for repairs. No. 43 was sent out this week, after an overhauling, for a trial trip.

The Owosso Times July 1, 1904

The Ann Arbor railroad expect to put on a new car ferry line between Frankfort and Milwaukee.

The Owosso Times July 8, 1904

A new time card went into effect on the Ann Arbor Monday. The only change that affects Owosso is in the train south in the morning. It will leave at 8:57 instead of 9:03.

The Owosso Times Aug. 5, 1904

The Ann Arbor has built a baggage dock on the north west corner of the depot.

The Owosso Times Aug. 19, 1904

Foreman Charles Straner, William Ross, Bert and David Fillmore, Ray Taber, Shirley Waugh and Harry Sharpe left Wednesday noon for Frankfort to paint the Ann Arbor car ferries. The will be absent three weeks.

The Owosso Times Aug. 26, 1904

The Ann Arbor engines are being fitted with standard chime whistles.

The Owosso Times Aug. 26, 1904

It is expected that the Ann Arbor work trains will be here next week to straighten the main track, east of the city. The Track will cross Corunna Avenue in Corunna instead of at the power house here, and will skirt the river bank for some distance between Owosso and Corunna.

The Owosso Times Sept. 2, 1904

Ann Arbor Engine No. 46 was in the shops here this week for light repairs.

The Owosso Times Sept. 23, 1904

An engine from the Betsey River and Arcadia Railroad has just been repaired at the Owosso shops.

The Owosso Times Sept. 23, 1904

When the alterations of the Ann Arbor yards are completed here, the yards will hold 350, instead of 60 cars, as at present.

Benzie Banner Sept. 29, 1904

T h e A. A. passenger service changed time for the winter, Sunday . The morning train going north arrive s at Beulah at 9:30 a. m. instead of 7:18; the evening train leaves a t 5:00 instead of 9:20. T h e two other train s arrive and depart as heretofore

The Owosso Times Oct. 7, 1904

The north bound Ann Arbor evening passenger is now due here at 7:20, instead of 7:02, as formerly.

The Toledo News-Bee Oct. 13, 1904


City ordinance Says “Don't Whistle.”

Book of Rules Tells Them to Whistle, and the Police Are Running Them In.

The Police have started in to enforce the steam whistle ordinance against Locomotive engineers. Their book of rules tells engineers to use the whistle for certain signals; and the city ordinance says they shall not whistle.

Yesterday Patrolman McKay and Rock were assigned the duty of putting a stop to the use of steam whistles on locomotives while inside the city limits and made four arrests. Not to discommode the railroad companies the engineers were released upon their own recognizance upon being placed under arrest. Two appeared in court this morning and two more are slated to appear tomorrow.

Yesterday's arrests were made in the neighborhood where the Terminal and Ann Arbor roads cross the Manhattan boulevard. In that neighborhood there are several tacks and an interlocking switch tower. It was in signaling this switch tower that the two engineers in court this morning violated the ordinance. They were Frank Amos of the Ann Arbor and D. F. Jackson of the Detroit & Toledo Shore line. Both pleaded guilty but stated that their book of rules requires them to whistle the tower. They were $10 and cost and the sentence until further notice.

The police are going after the railroads in an easy but determined manner. It is hoped that the railroads will take the hint and instruct their engineers to cut out the whistle in Toledo, for as long as the orders are to whistle it is all an engineer's job is worth to disobey, and obedience means the violation of the city ordinance.

If the railroads fail to take notice the police have two plans under consideration. One is to bring the engineers in off their engines instead of letting them go ahead, as was done yesterday. The other is bring in superintendents and yardmasters, who issue the orders, for the ordinance provides that any person or persons who blow or cause to be be blown, etc. The if the railroads show a disposition to fight a test case will be brought.

The Owosso Times Oct. 14, 1904

The Ann Arbor Railroad has built fine large stock yards near the round house. The old yards are in the way of improvements which the company intends making, and will be removed.

The Owosso Times Oct. 28, 1904

It is officially announced that the Wabash will build a new $1,000,000 station in Toledo will be placed on the main line and east and west business will be diverted that way in to make Pittsburg connections. This will give a new Detroit – Pittsburg line to Milan and then go Toledo over the Ann Arbor Tracks.

The Owosso Times Oct. 28, 1904

A cement culvert is being put in beneath the new Ann Arbor main track, near Corunna Avenue.

The Evening Argus Nov. 15, 1904

In addition to the seven sidetracks being put in the Ann Arbor yards in this city, a large piece of ground between the railroad shops and the river is being filled in. On this fill several shop tracks will be laid.

The Evening Argus Dec. 1, 1904

Nice for Owosso Travelers

The people of Owosso will greatly appreciate the new train which the Ann Arbor road will put on next Monday. Leaving here at 6 a. m. it will make close connections at Ann Arbor for Michigan Central points, notably Detroit; at Milan it will connect closely for Wabash points, and at Toledo for all points east, west and south. By means of this train all points in the North Central states can be reached before dark; St. Louis at 7:30 p. m. the same day. Owosso people have long felt the need of such an early train and it is a matter of congratulation that travelers can avail themselves of such an opportunity.

The Owosso Times Dec. 2, 1904

Improved Train Service

The Ann Arbor Railroad, with the return of the the division to Owosso on Sunday next, announces an improvement in the train sevice which will be greatly appreciated by the people of the city. Beginning with Monday a new train south in the morning will be added, leaving daily except Sunday at 6 o'clock a. m. This train will arrive in Durand in time to connect with the fast Grand Trunk train west, enabling passengers to get to Lansing at 7:16 a: m., and Chicago at 1:30 p. m. The train will be due in Ann Arbor at 8:06, and and passengers can can to Detroit via the M.C. at 9:50. Connection will also be made with the Wabash at Milan for St. Louis, arriving there at 7:15 p. m. The train is due in Toledo at 9:38 a. m., making good connection for Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis. The return train will leave Toledo at 7 p. m., arriving here at 10:30. By using the electric road from Detroit to Ann Arbor, Owosso people will be able to leave Detroit at at 6:30 and catch this train at Ann Arbor. The management of the Ann Arbor is to be commended for making this improvement in the service, which certainly should be appreciated at all points along the line from Owosso to Toledo.

The Owosso Times Dec. 2, 1904

The semaphores and electric alarm have been moved from the old Ann Arbor crossing on Corunna Avenue to the new.

The Evening Argus Dec. 5, 1904

Ann Arbor Headquarters Were Moved Over From Durand Yesterday

Yesterday morning three gangs of men, numbering twenty four, with the Ann Arbor work train, went to Durand and began a ripping up process of Ann Arbor property.

The round house was dismantled and the materials were placed upon flat cars, as were a sand house, 18x32 feet, and oil house 20x30 feet, the yard master's office 16x20 feet and two large oil tanks. The train arrived in the Owosso yards at 5:30 o'clock.

A large crowd of eager onlookers were in the yards when the train pulled in and set up a mighty shout of welcome. The three building will at once be fitted up for work. Yard Master Rowland' office will be located at the east end of the yard near Oakwood avenue.

Ten engine were brought to this city yesterday and have been going out today on their respective runs.

The Owosso round house contains twelve stall. Five of those will be given up to a paint shop and five new stalls will be at once be built. Twelve stalls will be used for engines.

Ludington Daily News Dec. 21, 1904

Cadillac Makes Japan Shipment

Cadillac – Cadillac has added Japan to her list of customers and two car loads of acetate of lime, from the Cummer, Diggins & Co. chemical plant in the city, are now on their way to the Pacific coast. Acetate of lime in substance and color, resembles dark brown sugar, and the two carloads now journeying to the coast weight about 60,000 pounds. Shipment from Cadillac was over the Ann Arbor railway and the Wisconsin Central and the Northern Pacific. It is expected that the two carloads will arrive at the Washington seaport on or about Thursday of next week, and not less than two weeks will be required in ocean journey to Japan. Acetate of lime contain acetone; and ingredient of smokeless powder, and acetone enters into the manufacture of smokeless power through the world. Whether or not the Cadillac acetate of lime will be utilized for smokeless powder is not known.

The Owosso Times Dec. 23. 1904

A small wreck on the Ann Arbor at Shepherd Friday delayed train service here for a few hours, and necessitated the making-up of the morning train south from Owosso.

The Owosso Times Dec. 23, 1904

Ann Arbor engine No. 48 has returned from Roanoke, W. Va., where it has been for three month, hauling coal from the Wheeling. No. 48 is again on the Ann Arbor, in charge of Engineer William Farrell.