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The Toledo News-Bee Feb. 12, 1915

Lansing, Mich. – A. W. Towsley, Toledo, spoke before legislature for 2 ½ cent fares on Ann Arbor and other Michigan roads.

Ludington Daily News May 19, 1915



Court Expected to Take Testimony to Determine If Rate Is Confiscatory

(By United Press to Daily News)

GRAND RAPIDS, May 19 – Suit to test the constitutionality of the Michigan two cent passenger fare law was started here today before Judges Loyal E. Knappen and Arthur Dennison of the Circuit Court of Appeals, Cincinnati, and Judge Sessions, of the United States district court, Grand Rapids. The bill of complaint was entered by the Ann Arbor Railroad company.

The railroad seeks an injunction from the United States court to restrain the Michigan railroad commission and the attorney general from enforcing the provisions of the two cent fare law, which was enacted by the legislature of 1907.

That the passenger earnings of the Ann Arbor during the last fiscal year amounted to only 3.45 per cent on its investment; that it needs a passenger earning of eight per cent to keep alive, and that the present law would soon force the road into bankruptcy were allegations contained in the road's complaint, as filled with the court. The road also filed with the court a copy of the statement of the Michigan railroad commission, made to the last legislature that none of the Michigan railroads were making a fair return on their investment.

In the event of the issuance of a temporary injunction against the state officials, it is believed that the court will order the taking of testimony to determine whether the two cent passenger rate confiscatory.

The Ann Arbor system was last assessed at $7,400,000 on its Michigan property. Net earnings for the last five fiscal years were shown to be as follows; 1910, $42,673; 1911, $50,399; 1912, $67,706; 1913, $76,490; 1914, $59,965.

The Toledo News-Bee May 25, 1915


Interstate commerce commission ruling that railroads must dispose of their steamship interests on the great lakes will not effect the Ann Arbor Railroad company's ownership of ferryboats operating from Frankfort, Mich., and Manistique, Mich., to Kewaunee and Manitowoc, Mich.

The commerce commission on Tuesday granted the Ann Arbor's petition to retain the ferry boat lines. Toledo is the road's biggest terminal.

The Ann Arbor's petition was granted, because the ferry boats do not come into competition with any railroad.

The Evening Argus July 2, 1915

ST. JOHNS, July 2 – A petition has been filed in probate court by Matthew J. Max, of Ann Arbor, special agent for the Ann Arbor railroad asking that some disposition be made of Almond Clark of Elsie and the sons of Mrs. Josephine Hoffman of Elsie. The petition states that on the night of June 10, Simon Hoffman, 12, Clare Hoffman, 7, and Almond (Or William) Clark entered the Ann Arbor station at Elsie and secured $1.75.

The Evening Argus Aug. 18, 1915


Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders

To the Stockholders of The Ann Arbor Railroad Company.

Notice is hereby given, that pursuant to the By-Laws of the Ann Arbor Railroad Company, the annual meeting of the stockholders of said Railroad Company will be held at the office of said Railroad Company, in the village of Durand, in the State of Michigan, on Saturday, the 18th day of September 1915, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day, for the purpose of electing directors, of electing inspectors of election to act as such at the next annual meeting for the election of directors, and of transacting such other business as may come before the meeting.

The books for the transfer of stock of said Railroad Company will be closed from 3 p. m. on September 7th, to 10 a. m. on September 20th, 1915.


Secretary of The Ann Arbor Railroad Company.