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The New york Times May 15, 1921


Men Accept 15% Reduction as Galveston Tug Men Quit.

DETROIT, May 14 – A wage reduction of 15 per cent has been accepted by masters, mates, pilots and engineers of railway ferries operated on Lake Michigan, Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River by the Wabash, Grand Trunk, Pere Marquette and Ann Arbor Railroad, it was announced today. Non-licensed employes agreed to a similar reduction in April. A 15 per cent wage cut for all licensed employees has been recommended to the carries by the Executive Committee of the Lake Carriers' Association.

The Owosso Argus-Press April 29, 1921


Owosso Man Sues Ann Arbor Railroad Company and Cadillac Concern

CORUNNA, April 29 – Circuit court will convene again Monday, May 2, it is announced by Judge Collins. The first case to be tried will be that of Curtis Sollenberger of Owosso against the Ann Arbor Railroad Co. and the Cummer-Higgins Co. of Cadillac, for $10,000.

Sollenberger asks damages for injuries he sustained some months ago, while working as a brakeman on the railroad. He set up that he was sent ahead to swing a gate at the point where a narrow guage railroad operated by the Cummer-Higgins company crosses the Ann Arbor railroad and that as he swung the gate it fell, injuring him permanently. He holds that the companies were negligent in permitting the post that held the gate, to become so rotten that it could not loner sustain the weight of the gate.

Pardee & Day appear for the plaintiff.

The Toledo News-Bee Aug. 5, 1921


150 Cars To Be Hauled By The Ann Arbor

Equipped with an invention that promises to greatly cut down the expense of railroad operation, a freight train of 150 cars, about double the length of the long loaded freight trains now operated, is scheduled to arrive at the Ann Arbor freight yards on Sunday night.

By the addition of a device, patented by J. E. Osmer, superintendent of Ann Arbor railroad motive power at Owosso, it is planned to double the tonnage of locomotives and cut the lubrication and fuel costs.

The 150-car train will be loaded mostly with ice, one of the heaviest loads hauled by the railroad. It will be almost a mile in length. One locomotive will haul the heavy train, according to present plans.

If the new device is as practical as Ann Arbor experts assert, other roads may try to install similar ones. General managers and experts from many roads will watch the experiment.

The Owosso Argus-Press Aug. 12, 1921

Ashley, Mich., Aug. 12 – The village of Ashley suffered a fire loss estimated to between $30,000 and $40,000 last night in a blaze which wiped out seven buildings in the business district of the town. The amount of insurance carried is not known.

The fire started in the building, containing the the shoe shop and spread rapidly and before the flames were brought under control, the buildings containing the meat market, drug store, harness shop, barber shop, shoe shop as well as the Red Cross and Holy Mission rooms were gone.

The cause of the fire is unknown and it took five hours of fighting before the flames were controlled. The fire departments from Elsie and St. Louis were called and rendered good service. The fire department from Owosso was also called, but was found that would take two hours or longer before the department could get to the scene and so they did not go.