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The Benzie County Advisor
The railroad is bring sand and gravel from the cut on the river at Frankfort to fill in for the new rails.  Dirt is being hauled on flat cars and is unloaded with an "A" shaped plow, which sweeps the car at one draw.  The Invention eliminates the labor of several men and is much faster.

Condensed article
Frazer-Nelson Shipbuilding & Drydock Co., Inc., has been awarded a near $2 million contract for the repowering and modernizing of Ann Arbor Co.'s car ferry No. 7 , according to an announcement today by Robert M. Fraaser, president of the Superior, Wisconsin, shipyard.   This will mark the first time a Lake Michigan Car ferry has been brought into Lake Superior for shipyard work and will be an extremely rare appearance for one of these big ships at the head of the lakes.
First, in the repowering, the ship will be converted from steam to Diesel-electric propulsion with numerous automatic featers and pilot house control.
Second, the ship will be cut in two, horizonatally, just above the car deck and the entire upper portions of the vessel will be raised four feet in order to provide greater clearance for the larger railroad cars of the present and the future.
Many additional changes will be made in the ship's machinery, electrical system and hull structure, and a 500 HP bow thruster will be installed.
Repowering Details
Repowering the Ann Arbor No. 7 will include removal of the two 1,350 HP reciprocating steam engines and four hand-fired Scotch boilers now powering the twin-screw ship, together with all of the steam driven auxiliary enginerooms components.  The new propulsion machinery will consist of four General Motors Diesel engines, each driving a propulsion generator rated at 1,205 KW.  These generator units furnish power to four propulsion motors, each rated at 1,525 HP, that are connected to the ship's two proller shafts (two motors to each shaft) through reuction gearing.  The ship will have a total of 6,100 HP, compared with the 2,700 HP of its old steam engines.