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About this Site


I started this site about two years ago after searching in vain for some photos of an East Camden and Highland boxcar car I was modeling. I never found any photos.


So instead of relying on others, I became a roster shooter. Before then I had been looking for those wonderful magazine type shots. Realizing that large numbers of the cars that I wanted to model were still out there roaming the rails, I began to shoot. And shoot. There are now about 2500 photos on the site.


Since I live in Arkansas it made sense to limit the site to Arkansas trains (with a few exceptions). Everybody wants to have a Horseshoe Curve or Cumbres & Toltec site, but ignores what's in they're own backyard.


So if your looking for 50 year photos of the Cotton Belt there not here. All the photos are recent history which is just as important as the old stuff.

About Copyright

All the photos are mine, all mine. Copyrighted and protected. They're not free. Don't download them for your desktop patterns, screen savers or icons. Don't print them out for your kids. Just because they are on the Internet doesn't mean I am giving them away for free. I am not Napster. If you think stealing is ok, can I have your car and your house?


You want to use one, e-mail me.


About Me


I was a newspaper photographer for about 10 years in Louisiana and Arkansas. I live in North Little Rock, Arkansas now and work for a printing company in Little Rock. When I get the chance I work on the 819 in Pine Bluff, work on a model layout or stand by a railroad track somewhere in Arkansas looking for a train.


Equipment Used


Most of the photos on the site were taken with a Kodak DC290 digital camera. Recently I upgraded to a Sony DSC-F707 which is a vast improvement over the Kodak and well worth the money. I still use my Canon EOS-1 to shoot slides, mostly Kodachrome 64. The digital camera takes most of the roster shots and the EOS-1 most of the action shots so that's why the action shots tend to be few since I have to get them scanned.

As of May 2002, I have upgraded again to a Canon EOS D60. I now shoot all digital and have left the days of film behind for good. The Sony DSC-F707 has been sold and the Canon EOS-1 now gathers dust on a shelf.

All of the web pages and photos are constructed on a MacIntosh G4 Powerbook.