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The All-Aboard list functions as a major source of information exchange between passenger rail advocates and others involved in passenger rail operations. Subscription to the list is free, and is open to all persons interested in the advancement of rail passenger service. Message volume may range from 25 to 100 messages per day, depending on current activity affecting Amtrak. A digest option is available for those who wish to reduce their e-mail volume.

To SUBSCRIBE, follow this link:

The All-Aboard mailing list server functions as an e-mail reflector, to simply reflect e-mail messages sent from one subscriber to all subscribers at All-Aboard.

This mailing list is NOT a USENET peer-dialogue service for posting/replying to opinions of for "news group" type discussions. Subscribers posting to All-Aboard should use the criteria of "reasonably constructive and informative," and are expected to limit posts to topics related to or influencing some aspect of rail passenger service or rail passenger advocacy.

All-Aboard is NOT a formal, incorporated organization and is not affiliated with Amtrak, NARP, URPA or any other rail organization. All-Aboard has pledged to be objective and neutral in terms of passenger rail policy, with a role of posting communications, not judging them.