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Models by Michael Kreiser

Models by Michael Kreiser

Here's another update sent to me by Michael Kreiser of Dresden, Germany. Rather than go into great detail about this next group of models, I'll simply let his photos do the talking.

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E60MA no. 608 is a modified Bachmann model, painted in the Phase III paint scheme and outfitted with new Sommerfeldt pantographs. 2/27/04
Michael custom-painted this Atlas AEM-7 into the Phase IV scheme, numbering it 911. 2/27/04
This Con-Cor Slumbercoach was repainted into the Phase III paint scheme. -
Train Station Products makes an excellent model of the ex-Santa Fe Hi-Level cars. A transition dorm is shown here. -
Here's a rarely-seen model - one of Amtrak's Pacific Parlour lounge cars. It's an old Fleischmann model, which Michael painted and decaled in the Phase IV scheme. -
This Athearn P40BH was repainted as a P32AC-DM owned by Connecticut DOT. -