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Penn Central/Pennsylvania RR

Penn Central/Pennsylvania RR

  Long before Amtrak, the Pennsylvania Railroad used to run up and down the electrified Northeast Corridor between Harrisburg, PA and New York City. The railroad also continued service west using diesels.
Penn Central was a short-lived successor to PRR, and eventually gave way to Conrail. However, PC brought us some designs for MU electric cars that are still in use today.


  Left Right Description Date Drawn  
  PRR GG-1, Tuscan Red 8/15/00  
  PRR GG-1, Dark Green 8/15/00  
  PC GG-1 (by Sebastian Ledesma) -  
  PC Arrow I MU (left) 5/7/01  
  PC Arrow I MU (right) 5/7/01  
  PC Metroliner Coach 12/22/01  
  PC Metroliner Lounge 12/22/01  
  PC Metroliner Club 12/22/01  
  PC RDC-1 (ex-NYC) 5/7/01  

Rolling Stock

  Left Right Description Date Drawn  
  PRR Railway Post Office 3/7/01  
  PRR 21-Roomette Sleeper 8/15/00  
  PRR 12-4 Sleeping Car 8/15/00  
  PRR 4-4-2 Sleeping Car 8/15/00  
  PRR 10-6 Sleeping Car 8/15/00  
  PRR Kitchen-Dormitory 8/15/00  
  PRR Dining Car 8/15/00  
  PRR Sleeper-Lounge 8/15/00  
  PRR Lounge-Observation 8/15/00  
  PC 12-4 Sleeper (ex-PRR) 5/7/01  
  PC 12-4 Sleeping Car 5/7/01  
  PC Club (ex-PRR) 5/7/01