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Acela Express and HHP-8

Acela Express and HHP-8

The newest equipment in Amtrak's fleet are the Acela Express trainsets that run up and down the Northeast Corridor at speeds of up to 150 mph. The trainsets contain a locomotive at each end, four Business Class coaches, a Cafe in the middle, and a First Class coach at one end. Acela service is intended to compete with airline shuttles. The cars tilt on curves to make for a smoother ride and allow faster speeds.

Also part of the Acela fleet are the double-ended HHP-8 locomotives. These are gradually taking the place of AEM-7s on Acela Regional trains on the Northeast Corridor. Though they bear a strong resemblance to the Acela Express power cars, the noses are definitely shorter and stubbier, and are equipped with couplers and HEP receptacles.

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An unidentified Acela streaks by, just southwest of Forest Hills station in Jamaica Plain. 10/4/01 Boston, MA
Southbound Acela no. 2004 speeds past Roxbury Crossing station on the MBTA's Orange Line. 10/9/01 Boston, MA
The counterpart to 2004, possibly the 2005, brings up the rear of this southbound train. 10/9/01 Boston, MA
Acela locomotive #2006 carries the markers for an afternoon southbound train blasting through residential Roslindale. 10/4/01 Boston, MA
Having just left Boston, no. 2007 rushes toward New York and Washington with its train. 10/4/01 Boston, MA
The 2009 basks in the afternoon sun as it waits to depart from Boston's South Station. 1/01 Boston, MA
With 2009 trailing, this evening Acela departs toward points south. 1/01 Boston, MA
Acela #2017 backs its train into the station to prepare for depature almost an hour later. 11/14/01 Boston, MA
The 2020 waits to depart for Washington with its train. 1/01 Boston, MA
Acela no. 2022 speeds through Ruggles Station as an MBTA commuter train departs. 10/9/01 Boston, MA
The 2023 has both headlights and taillights on as it sits in South Station with a GP40H nearby. 11/15/01 Boston, MA
Many Acela power cars are now running with their upper cowlings removed, but no. 2025's front coupler cover is also partially open as it sits in the yard. 4/23/03 Philadelphia, PA
Though the Acela doesn't stop in New London, no. 2030 had to slow down to around 30 mph when passing through. 4/16/01 New London, CT
Acela power car no. 2031 passes through New London on its way north. The lack of high-level platforms means the train cannot stop here. 4/16/01 New London, CT
2031 disappears into the distance on the rear of a train bound for Boston. 4/16/01 New London, CT
The 2033 waits for its train to depart for a run south to Washington. 11/27/01 Boston, MA
Acela #2034 is not yet ready to depart from Boston's South Station, but the next Acela set has already pulled up next to it to prepare for boarding. 4/25/02 Boston, MA
Twin Acelas: no. 2034, at right, is about to depart, while the 2023 has just come in from the yard to begin the hour-long preparation to board passengers. 4/25/02 Boston, MA
Acela #2035, surrounded by MBTA commuter trains, waits to depart for New York and Washington. 11/14/01 Boston, MA
Amtrak no. 2035 sits next to GP40H no. 525 in Boston's South Station. 11/14/01 Boston, MA
Acela #2036 brings its train in from the yard to prepare for departure an hour later. 11/14/01 Boston, MA
Cafe Acela no. 3305 heads south with an evening train. 1/01 Boston, MA
Acela HHP-8 no. 651 sits in Boston's South Station after having brought in an Acela Regional train. 4/25/02 Boston, MA
The 651 is a modern counterpart to the AEM-7s that have been in service for over 20 years. 4/25/02 Boston, MA
Note the short, stubby nose of the 651 compared to the departing Acela power car next to it. Also note the additional Acela, which has just pulled in to prepare for departure. 4/25/02 Boston, MA
The 656 waits for its early-morning departure time as passengers board the Acela Regional train. 4/23/03 Boston, MA