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Miscellaneous Amtrak


Here are some Amtrak-related photographs that don't really fit into any of the other categories. Most of them were taken while on vacation in various parts of the country.

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Some retired FL9s sit in the yard at Rensselaer, where they had been assigned for many years. 4/16/02 Rensselaer, NY
Also assigned to Rensselaer were the Rohr Turboliners. The set shown here was refurbished for express service between Albany-Rensselaer and New York City. 4/16/02 Rensselaer, NY
A specially-painted pair of RTL Turboliner power cars make a rare appearance in Boston as they tow the X2000 demonstrator into South Station. Note the ripple effect of the gas-turbines' hot exhaust. Photo by Rich Stroshane. 5/11/93 Boston, MA
Turboliner #154, normally assigned to New York's Empire Service, pulls the Swedish X2000 trainset into South Station after propelling it on a 101-mph run to Providence, RI and back. Photo by Rich Stroshane. 5/11/93 Boston, MA
A much younger version of yours truly poses with the unpowered cab car of the X2000 trainset. Needless to say, the past 11 years have seen a world of change! Photo by Rich Stroshane. 5/11/93 Boston, MA
After its brief round trip to Providence, the X2000 sits next to an F40PH, looking very out of place in non-electrified territory. Photo by Rich Stroshane. 5/11/93 Boston, MA
Union Station in New London is distinctive for having curved platforms, since the mainline was laid along the banks of the Thames River. 4/16/01 New London, CT