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Because it is not often that I am in Metro-North Railroad and Connecticut Department of Transportation's territory, I was especially interested in photographing some of their unique equipment. Fortunately, the Amtrak mainline passes by the MNRR/CDOT maintenance facilities at New Haven and Stamford.

I was most interested in photographing the M-2. M-4, and M-6 multiple-unit commuter cars that are jointly owned by MNRR and CDOT. These cars operate between Grand Central Terminal in New York City and New Haven, with an additional branch to New Canaan that is also electrified. Unlike the similar M-1 and M-3 cars that are operated by MNRR and the Long Island Rail Road, they can receive power from overhead catenary as well as third rail. Also, the M-4 and M-6 cars are mated in triplets instead of pairs as the M-1, M-2, and M-3 are. Since few or no photographs can be found online of the center car, I made a point of photographing one when I got the chance. Another interesting variant is the M-2 bar car, which has its center windows plated over and contains a cafe that commuters can purchase snacks from.

ConnDOT also operates several Budd SPV-2000 railcars - now called Constitution Liners - that were originally jointly owned by Amtrak and ConnDOT. After unsuccessful service, their diesel engines were removed and they are now used by ConnDOT as commuter coaches. They are typically found in the company of GP40P diesels, which are similar to the GP40MCs used by Boston's MBTA.

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Approaching New Haven, my train passed a set of what appear to be M-6s waiting on a yard lead. 4/23/03 New Haven, CT
A set of M-2 railcars sit outside the shops at New Haven. 4/23/03 New Haven, CT
Here is an unusual sight - a lone M-2, uncoupled from its mate, sitting outside a small shed. 4/23/03 New Haven, CT
M-2 no. 8448 sits at one end of a four-car train of M-2s in the New Haven station. 4/23/03 New Haven, CT
Next to the M-2s is one of CDOT's Comet II commuter cab cars, used in push-pull service. 4/23/03 New Haven, CT
Finally - the center car of an M-6 trainset! It appears identical to the end cars, except that the streamlined cab is replaced by another blind end. 4/23/03 New Haven, CT
Side view of a CDOT Constitution Liner. Note the strong resemblance to an Amtrak Amfleet coach. 4/23/03 New Haven, CT
Constitution Liners are commonly found in 3-car-sets, with a diesel leading. 4/23/03 New Haven, CT
GP40P no. 6697 heads up this set of Constitution Liners. Note the SD45-style flared radiator grilles. 4/23/03 New Haven, CT