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Train Gifs

Here in the Train Gif galleries are the images that I have drawn over the years. Some have been modified from the originals first drawn by Dan Klitzing, the man who started this hobby. In the index below, I have grouped them by region, and then by railroad within that. Amtrak gifs have been divided up based on what equipment is used in those regions. European gifs are sorted by country. To save these gifs, right-click on them and choose "Save As" from the menu. If you will be using these gifs on a website, you must save them and then upload them to your own server. Do not link to them on my server.

Note: Train Gifs are the personal property of the artists who draw them. They have put many hours into their work, and this must be respected. If you would like to use these gifs on a website, or anything public, you must email to ask permission first. Then, proper credit must be given to the artist in the form of a small note containing the author's name and a link to their website. In my case, give credit to Alex Stroshane of Amtrak Prototype & Model. If these guidelines are not followed, you will be violating copyright law.

East Coast Midwest West Coast Other Countries
Amtrak Amtrak Amtrak Canada
Long Island RR Great Northern Caltrain Germany
MBTA Missouri Pacific Coaster Sweden
Metro-North Miscellaneous Metrolink/LAMTA  
NJ Transit   MUNI/BART  
PC/PRR   Northern Pacific  
Tri-Rail   Santa Fe  
Miscellaneous   Sounder  
    Union Pacific  
    Western Pacific