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Western Pacific

Western Pacific

  The Western Pacific is most famous for its California Zephyr, which pioneered the Vista-Dome car. WP cooperated with the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy to operate this train.  


  Left Right Description Date Drawn  
  F3A 10/31/01  
  F3B 10/31/01  
  Baggage Car 10/31/01  
  16-section Sleeper 10/31/01  
  6-5 Sleeping Car 10/31/01  
  10-6 Sleeping Car 10/31/01  
  Dining Car 10/31/01  
  Vista-Dome Coach 10/31/01  
  Vista-Dome Coach (conductor's office) 10/31/01  
  Vista-Dome Buffet-Observation 3/12/01