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2010 Plano Train Show
Operating Session On Jim Norwood's Layout (August 09)
Ken England running a train with a big smile.
Ken Riediger dispatching the railroad.
Mel Herweck switching some local industries.
Photo Albums
Cody and Lauren running a train.
The group at the operating session
A big thanks to Jim Norwood for inviting the club to operate on his layout.
Interested in older photos? Visit our 2007 photos or photo archive page.
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Merit Badge Clinic
On January 19 & February 2, 2008, club members Ken Riediger & Jim Gibson taught "Railroading" at the Boy Scout Merit Badge Clinic at McMurry University.
Thanks, guys, for helping inspire the next generation of modelers!
These photos by Jim Gibson.
Brownwood Trip
Club members visited the Lehnis Railroad Museum in Brownwood on March 15, 2008.
The museum features numerous RR artifacts from Mr. Lehnis' collection, including this cuspidor (at left), departure board (right), and this drumhead sign(far right)
The collection also includes the depot from Kress, Texas, and a Santa Fe Business Car and caboose.
The museum complex is across the street from the old Brownwood depot, which also features this Santa Fe 2-6-2 Prairie-type steam locomotive.
Ft. Worth Trip
These photos by Dusty Garrison
Saturday, April 12, 2008, ASMR members travelled to Fort Worth to the home of modeller Jim Norwood. On the way, they stopped at the BNSF Yard at Saginaw.
A wide assortment of paint schemes are on display, from ATSF blue "Warbonnet"... BN Cascade Green (above) and the orange and green "Heritage" heraldry (below)
ASMR members enjoyed the camaraderie and the spring sunshine. Photo by Jim Gibson.
(At left) Among the engines they saw was this 3GS-21B, built by National Railway Equipment. This new model switcher features ultra-low emissions and ultra-high fuel efficiency.
Jim Norwood (at right) hosted ASMR members in his home and invited them to run on his detailed model of the Kansas City Southern.
(At left) ASMR member Dusty Garison begins building his KCS "Train 61."
Jim shows his creative touches in the numerous little scenes he has created on his road, including...
these bikini-clad girls washing a car ...
...and this alligator in a small swamp.

These photos by Dusty Garrison
Saturday, May 17, club members, their families and guests traveled to Fort Worth to ride the Trinity Railway Express, DART Light Rail, and the historic McKinney Avenue Trolley.
TRE engine 566 pulls into the T&P station
The high-rise station has been converted into luxury condos
ASMR members on the T&P platform
It was great to have so many youngsters with us!
Riding the TRE
Tower 106,
Downtown Dallas
Dealey Plaza from the infamous "Triple Overpass"
TRE departs Dallas Union Station as a UP freight arrives
Our train arrives - DART Light Rail, Red Line Northbound
Walking in the West End
Many of us ate here at TGI Friday's
(Left) DART's underground Cityplace Station
(Right) Taking the escalator up to street level
(Left) The trolley arrives. We went "Waltzing Matilda" on a streetcar built in Australia in 1926!
The trolley shares the streets with other vehicles and pedestrians. At right is the view over the motorman's shoulder.
(Right) Ft. Worth's historic Tower 55, framed by freeway overpass supports, as a BNSF freight rolls by
What a great day for riding trains!
These photos by Dusty Garrison
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These photos by Ken England
Visit our 2007 photos or photo archive page.
Do you have photos of club events you'd like to share? E-mail them HERE.
Operating session on Ken Riediger's Layout
These photos by Cody Hilliard
Lonnie Thompson, Keith Savage, Ben Diamond, Cody Hilliard, and of course Ken Riediger showed up to operate the trains on March 27, 2010. Ken England and Joe Stuart came in a little later, although they didn't run any trains. The operating session lasted about 3 hours with a total of 8 trains and yard switcher being run. To see more of Ken's layout please click here.
Trip to Museum f Merican Railroads in Frisco, TX.
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