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Website Credits

Thanks for visiting!  The American Train Station Directory is maintained solely by volunteers, and you're the reason we do it!  Below, we have written some short profiles of ourselves for your reading pleasure and... well, our own gratification too.  (If I can't get paid, at least I can get my own blurb!)

If you're interested in some of the back story behind the site, check out our website history page.  The current version of the website is 1.0, and the history page will tell you a little bit more about the various iterations that the site has gone through (with pictures!)

All names listed on this credits page have been posted by permission.  Some names are instead listed under aliases, at the contributor's request.  All names with links will take you to either that person's individual profile page within the ATSD, or their own external website - the contributor's choice.  External personal webpages have been neither viewed or approved by the American Train Station Directory and we cannot be held responsible for content on someone else's website.

Head Honchos


David Breisch
Project Coordinator

Hometown: Batavia, IL (Union Pacific Geneva Subdivision MP 35.5)
Currently attends Augustana College in Rock Island, IL.
Majoring in: Computer Science, Mathematics
Other Interests: Video Games, Programming, Badminton
David, besides handling the mammoth task of coordinating everything about this project with the entire Amtrak community, was also responsible for the overall site design, layout, and color scheme.  Want more?  Read my profile!
How would you like to volunteer your time to be an assistant Head Honcho? (or whatever else you might want your title to be)  No web experience necessary, you merely need to be able to organize contributors and contributions and be able to communicate with me on a regular basis via email.  Perks?  You get this way cool spot to show off a neato mug of yourself!  And space for your own profile to tell people about yourself!  Isn't that worth it?  Email me!


David Breisch (contributed Chicago, IL)
Rich Kimmel ("RRRICH") (contributed Winter Park, FL)
James B. Toy (contributed Salinas, CA)


All contents copyright 2005 the American Train Station Directory.  All rights reserved.
This page is version 1.0 of the site.  Read more about the various iterations this website has gone through.
Questions, comments, or broken links?  The webmaster would love to get your email!  This website is maintained entirely by volunteers.  Take a moment to read about the dedicated individuals who made it happen!
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