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Website History

Welcome to the website history page, where you can check out a detailed list of every version change that this site has seen, or view images of some of the previous layouts that we've gone through.  Not that it's particularly interesting to you, but... hey, I'm the webmaster, and, as a computer science nerd, this is what I like to do.  So, enjoy!

Note that, with the exception of major site redesigns or architectural overhauls, version changes are usually minor changes to the page template.  Due to the fact that there are so many pages on this site, (and that I don't yet know enough about cool scripting languages like CSS or PHP) various pages may be operating under different versions.  But, I do the best I can.  (I realize that the paragraph you just read is probably pretty confusing.  Even to me, now that I read it.  But I can't word it any better.)  Anyhow, what does this mean to you, the end user?  Absolutely nothing!  Okay, that's not entirely true... it means that some pages make look slightly different than other ones, but I'm constantly updating and working on it, so never fear!

version 1.0 (current | released 04.01.05 | public release version 1)
This is the current version! So I was playing around with Paint Shop Pro and I somehow ended up with that neato Acela outline up there in the upper-right corner.  Not much else has changed since pre-final 0.8.

version 0.8 (released 03.13.05 | pre-final beta release)
Version 0.8 was a total redesign from the first version, based primarily on input from the friendly community members at

See images:
Front Page

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Station Page Example

version 0.5 (released 03.02.05 | pre-beta release)
The first attempt!  Nice layout, but general consensus was that it resembled the Amtrak website too much.  So, though I kept much of the content, I wiped the designed and started from scratch - hence the nice maroon scheme you see in version 0.8.

See images:
Front Page

Routes Index
Station Page Example



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This page is version 1.0 of the site.  Read more about the various iterations this website has gone through.
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