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BAAFC Modular American Flyer Layout Operation at the B&O Museum

The B&O Museum reopened in mid-November after being closed for two years. The museum has closed due to the collapse of the roof due the the February, 2003 snowstorm. As part of the Museum Reopening, the museum invited club layouts of various gauges to operate their layouts during one weekend over a six week period. Called the "Holiday Festival of Trains", we operated our S Gauge layout at the museum on Saturday, December 18, 2004 and Sunday, December 19, 2005.

BAAFC Modular Layout at the Museum

At the museum, we operated our largest layout. The overall size was 44'x22'. We introduced two new "T" modules. These modules allow us to add a new section across the middle of the layout. We can then operate two inside loops and one long outside loop. We ran a wide range of passenger and freight trains including both A.C. Gilbert classic and modern S Gauge equipment. We also operate a number of operating accessories. Greg Klein built and operated a separate Holiday Train Layout next to the modular layout.

We set-up the modular layout in the Museum's historic Roundhouse. The new Roundhouse roof and the Museums's historic engines and rolling stock are illustrated in the following pictures.

Pictures of the Layout at the Museum

Pictures of the modular layout in operation follow. Some of the pictures were taken by George Connell.

The Beer Train operates on the layout

Some visitors to the Museum watch the operation of the layout.

The layout was set-up next to the Museum's historical equipment in the Roundhouse.

Some children watch the operation of Greg Klein's Holiday Layout.

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