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Our Modular American Flyer Layout

The Baltimore Area American Flyer Club (BAAFC) is a non-profit model railroad club dedicated to American Flyer Trains. Our club is centered in the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan although our membership extends from Pennsylvania to Virginia.

BAAFC Modular American Flyer Layout

Our club's modular layout consists of 4 curved modules and a variable number of straight modules. A standard straight module is 2'x4' although many club members have customized different sized straight modules. Each module can connect with every other module. At each show, we determine the size of the layout depending on the space and modules available. Each module is built from a set of standards which defines the track connection, electrical connection, height adjustment, and overall appearance. The picture below illustrates two straight modules with a number of the features of our layout.

Track Configuration and Operation

The layout contains two independent loops which runs around the entire layout. All track is standard American Flyer track except for the outside curved track on the corner modules which is K-Line wide radius (54" radius) curved track. The corner modules have two parallel curved track. Original American Flyer track is used due to its wide availability and overall appear to the largest number of club members. A standard straight module contains two parallel tracks. However, several of our members have customized their straight modules with sidings and crossovers.

Each loop is operated separately. We run a wide range of equipment as each member attending a show brings a number of trains to operate. We also operate a number of accessories. A number of members have incorporated the the use and operation of accessories in their modules.

Objectives of Our Modular Layout

The following are the overall objective of our layout:

The picture of our layout on the NASG Web Page.

It was taken at the Train Collectors Show in New Haven in August, 1997.

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