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bay area railroads
bay area railroads | b a y   a r e a   p h o t o s   t w o
      one [enlarge]
SP 7119 with SSW 7278 at work in the Hansen Permanenete cement plant yard. June, 2003.

      two [enlarge]
"An Amtrak California train rolls through Oakland's CP Magnolia where a Union Pacific intermodal waits to depart. December, 2003." Sounds familiar. Same UP intermodal without the Amtrak CA. December, 2003.

      three [enlarge]
I think it's fairly obvious that I took this picture on the same day and from the same vantage point as my Caltrain/Bellarmine shot. It was a clear day and Central Cement made for a nice background, so here's another Caltrain shot. August, 2004.

      four [enlarge]
Spinning around from my last shot, I thought this picture would be a worthless afterthought. I think it turned out pretty neat. December, 2003.

      five [enlarge]
Union Pacific 916 holds at San Jose station with the Permanente Local in tow. When the Caltrain at right pulls into the station platform, the Local will continue its 9 mile trip to the Permanente cement plant in Cupertino, CA. September, 2004.

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