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bay area railroads
bay area railroads | c a l i f o r n i a   p h o t o s   o n e
      one [enlarge]
Amtrak 14, a little late today, makes its way north as it climbs above San Luis Obispo. October, 2003.

      two [enlarge]
A beautiful, matched set of AC44's leads what will probably be the last all-SP Coast Cans. February, 2004.

      three [enlarge]
Two UP trains meet at Woodford in the last light on Tehachapi Pass. May, 2004.

      four [enlarge]
A resident Northern Californian, SSW 7278 idles in Watsonville's midday heat. July, 2003.

      five [enlarge]
UP 4357 doubles over its train on the Tehachapi Loop. May, 2004.

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