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bay area railroads
bay area railroads | c a l i f o r n a   p h o t o s   t w o
      one [enlarge]
Unadulterated ATSF power leads an eastbound past the Monolith cement plant on Tehachapi Pass. This may sound like a lame joke, but it actually happened: that tumbleweed stopped rolling just as the crossing arm went down. May, 2004.

      two [enlarge]
Barstow, CA, truly an oasis in the desert... May, 2004.

      three [enlarge]
Amtrak 11 soutbond across Stenner Creek. April, 2004.

      four [enlarge]
Every train photographer has a generic Tehachapi Loop photo; here's mine. May, 2004.

      five [enlarge]
One of the first unit autorack trains to hit the Coast Line, seen here just north of Paso Robles, CA. July, 2003.

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