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bay area railroads
bay area railroads | c a l i f o r n a   p h o t o s   t h r e e
      one [enlarge]
Going-away shot of BNSF baretables on Tehachapi Pass. May, 2004.

      two [enlarge]
Same concept as the last photo, different train. May, 2004.

      three [enlarge]
The Coast Starlight scaring birds away on the north end of Cal Poly's campus. September, 2003.

      four [enlarge]
The helpers cutting off the end of a QRVDO train. I haven't seen an unpatched SP unit in helper service since this unit was rotated out. March, 2004.

      five [enlarge]
You wouldn't know it from the cars, but this is actually an intermodal train. April, 2004.

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