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Jakks Pacific Power Trains

Jakks Pacific Power Trains

In 2012, toy company Jakks Pacific introduced their "Train World" line of battery operated trains. By the time they hit store shelves, the name had been changed to Power Trains. To tie in with the release of their 'Power City' construction sets, the train line became the "Power City Trains" as of Series 5, introduced in early 2014. I first looked at the Power Trains with moderate interest, but as of late, I've started collecting them with gusto.

I thought of adding them to the "Smaller Scale" onboard category, but decided they deserved their own section. This site will serve as a reference for the various series of the Power Trains line, as well as eventually showing tips, tricks, track plans and the like.


Locomotives/Rolling Stock


Last Update Oct 5, 2014

I am in no way associated with, or endorsed by, Jakks Pacific, I merely am a fan that enjoys their products and wish to promote the train line as much as I can.

Any questions, comments or requests - Please e-mail me Dan MacKellar