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The Battery Train Station

Small Scale AA Battery Sets

One type of battery train set that I felt deserved its own page is what I call the "Small Scale" set. I'm categorizing these sets on their own as they have been produced by numerous manufacturers over the years. These trains use a single 'AA' battery and are driven by a vertically mounted motor on the rear axle. There are 4 classic designs for these trains, and there are a couple more currently being produced in China.


There are two main types of track seen with these sets as well. Some sets come with a roadbed style track and others are a more fragile track. The roadbed style track has offset connectors to allow a wide range of track designs. Curves and turnouts are 90 degree corners. Some sets using roadbed track also have 90 degree crossings. The other style of track is much more restrictive, only offering a 180 degree curve, a dual switch piece, also 180 degrees, and straight track. This style of track has wide spade connectors and can only be connected one way.

Track Connectors

Versions of these sets were imported by Durham, Echo, and others.


Old West

LocoOld West Steam Locomotive
European Tank Style

LocomotiveEuropean Tank style Steam Locomotive

LocomotiveDiesel LocomotiveBuddy 'L' and Santa Fe liveries, Knuckle Coupler
Bullet Train

LocomotiveBullet Train LocomotivePowered and Dummy versions

Rolling Stock

TenderStandard Coal Tender - Type 'A'
TenderStandard Coal Tender - Type 'B'
TankerTank CarOnly seen in "Table Top" Buddy L sets - Knuckle Couplers
Center Cupola

CabooseCentre Cupola CabooseSteel Version
Center Cupola

CabooseCentre Cupola CabooseWooden sided caboose
Center Cupola

CabooseCentre Cupola CabooseSteel - Only seen in "Table Top" Buddy L sets - Knuckle Couplers
Offset Cupola

CabooseOffset Cupola Caboose
Short Passenger

CarBullet Train Passenger Car
Durham Mini Rail Power Sets

DurhamDurham Set