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The Mobile & Bay Shore RR HS

The Mobile & Bay Shore
Historical Society

The purpose of a historical society is to preserve history.

That is a simple enough statement, but the act of preserving history is not always the easiest thing to do. It takes time, it takes perserverance, and most importantly, it takes people.

Our historical society has brought together people from many parts of the Southeast, but we all have one common focus on a short-lived 39-mile-long branchline of the Mobile & Ohio railroad. So much of this branch's history has been lost to the erosion of time, and this makes the task of documenting and organizing the remaining data so difficult. This is, after all, a railroad that has not seen activity for sixty years, longer than some of us in the society have been around. Few of us ever had the pleasure of seeing this road in operation, and most of us only know it by way of anecdotal memoirs of others -- it is, to us, more abstract than concrete.

Through the many pages of this website, we hope to document this line and bring the abstract fragments of the past into a concrete body of reality. That makes this a dynamic website. It cannot remain static as long as there are people searching and working to add to it. We hope that our efforts to this point prove to be as rewarding for you, the reader, as it has been for us in bringing it together.

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