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The Mobile & Bay Shore RR HS

Alabama Canning Company

(American Canning Company)

At the far western end of the wye at San Souci was the lead to the Alabama Canning Company, also known as the American Canning Company. Alabama Canning Company was located on the north end of Coffee Island, about a mile south of the junction at San Souci. It was on this track that the trains would head down first, then back up through the wye toward Bayou la Batre.

1940 aerial image, showing ROW to cannery.

The image at left shows the remnants of the right-of-way south of Bayou la Batre, including the western tip of the junction. A path still remains where the tracks had been, and this can just be seen curving southward from the mainline.

Below is a photograph taken before the hurricane of 1906, showing the company tracks on the west side of the building. The photographer is facing south, toward Portersville Bay.

Alabama Canning Company, before 1906 hurricane.

The buildings seen in this image were either heavily damaged, or destroyed, in the 1906 hurricane, and the company either elected not to rebuild, or was financially unable to. At a later date (unknown) this location became the Dunbar & Ducate Factory. Dunbar & Ducate was later destroyed by a boiler explosion which claimed the lives of several employees.

Below is another image showing the facility, as seen from a distance. The picture may have been taken from a train, or near the railroad tracks, looking south-southwest.

Alabama Canning Company, before 1906 hurricane.