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Bluemont Branch

Views Along the Right-of-Way




Early stage of the Bowman Distillery in Sunset Hills


Milk run in the dead of winter, W&OD era, Herndon


Standard cast iron mile marker


Rural Northern Virginia once actually looked like this


Another winter scene from Herndon


Early WO&W train at Herndon, circa 1870's
Photo Credit Ames Williams


Vienna station nearing the end of its life, W&OD era


Original Alexandria Junction. Implemented by the USMRR in 1861.
Line to the left goes to Washington. Line to the right goes to Alexandria.


Standard AL&H viaduct over the Four Mile Run, Alexandria/Arlington


Herndon summer scene. Note tool shed (or outhouse?) hanging off side of embankment


Bluemont Branch was never a very robust line. Note rails spiked directly to the ties without fish plates.


Not exactly Class I trackage


Lime Kiln at Leesburg, W&OD era


Lime crusher in Leesburg


Lime quarry and lake near downtown Leesburg


The trestle just east of Round Hill - the costly repairs of which forced the railroad to abandon the line west of Purcellville


Switching the Trap Rock Quarry near Leesburg, W&OD era


Vienna water tower with stock pen in right background


Goose Creek bridge, Leesburg, largest bridge on the railroad


View of the railroad approach to Purcellville