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So You Want To Work at a Trainstation

Some humorous and not so humorous strories from the caretaker of the LaPlata Amtrak Station

July 30th, 2014

By Bob Cox, Email

Caretaker of a train station!! What do they do? That must be an easy job. It is if you do  it according to the Job description. All you have to do is unlock the station and go home. Then come back after the train. Clean the station, lock it up and go home again. The problem is this. Every station is different. They each have their own personality if you will. This is a part of what make train travel fun and unique. LaPlata has an odd distinction of the caretaker being on duty for each train that arrives. This was something started long before I moved to LaPlata 6 years ago. So when the opportunity came to take care fo the station. I kept up with the tradition of manning an "unmanned" station.

Looks peacful doesn't it?

The hours of this particular station is 9am to 11am and 7pm to 9pm M-F 365 days a year.


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