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Light Rail
Light Rail

Light rail is gaining popularity in a number of cities throughout the USA. Light rail's name comes, not from the size of the track, but rather the average passenger density. Light rail actually complements bus service in high commuter corridors.

St Paul
  Metro Transit's light rail train in St Paul, MN, 9/06/16, in it's newer paint scheme.
  Regional Transportation District train at Denver, CO, 5/08/14.
Sound Transit
Sound Transit's light rail train in Tacoma, WA, 7/21/03.
Metro Transit
Metro Transit's light rail train in Minneapolis, MN, 6/09/04.
Portland MAX
Portland, OR, MAX train, 8/05/02.
Phoenix, AZ, Metro light rail in Tempe, AZ,  5/04/09.
  North County Transit District's Sprinter train at Oceanside, CA, 4/28/09. Sprinter's run on a 22 mile stretch of track between Oceanside and Escondido, CA.
San Diego
San Diego [CA] Trolley, 4/18/12.