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Kenwood D-700

Kenwood D700 Cross-Band Repeating

Think of setting your D-700 as a 2M radio with a UHF wireless microphone (HT). Caution: if other members of your team are using Cross-Band, UHF frequency coordination is required!

(Before starting, assure the TNC mode is OFF.)

Setting the transmission frequency:

  • Select Band A (left side).
  • Select 2M repeater or 2M simplex frequency you plan to transmit to other stations with.
  • Setting the "wireless microphone (HT)":

  • Select Band B (right side).
  • Select a UHF simplex frequency or memory location.
  • Set your HT to the same simplex frequency.
  • Double check both radios are set for simplex!
  • Set D700 UHF to LOW power (5W).
  • Set your HT radio to its lowest power setting.

  • Activating Cross-Band:
  • Set PTT on Band A (left side).
  • Select MENU 1-7-6 (Radio, Repeater, Repeater).
  • Dial, Up Arrow, or Down Arrow to CROSS-BAND.
  • Press OK, then ESC.

  • Your display will only show LOW and MENU keys active.
  • You will only be able to adjust the power on the transmission Side A.
  • Use MENU 1-7-6 to turn Cross-Band OFF.

  • Notes:
  • If you are using a  repeater for your transmission frequency, you must let any squelch tail drop before pressing PTT on your HT. This can be quite annoying, but your radios are "working as designed".
  • If you plan regular use of Cross-Banding, consider saving your settings in a PM location, thus saving the 1st 9 steps above.
  • If you want to use UHF for transmission and VHF for your "wireless microphone (HT)", you will need to "re adjust" some of the above. Remember, the VHF must be on Side A (left) and UHF must be on Side B (right) of early D700's for split mode operation.   
  • Your D700 Time-Out Timer is locked at 3 minutes.  If you are listening to a repeater conversation where other's never let the squelch tail drop, you will time out! 

  • Kenwood D700 APRS with via the Space Station (ISS)

    Setting the ISS Tx/Rx  frequencies:
    Setting the ISS APRS operation:
  • Start from any existing aprs configuration (satellites aren't for aprs beginners).
  • Select MENU 3-I (APRS, DATA BAND). Set to either "A:TX:B:RX" or "A:RX:B:TX".
  • Select MENU 3-B (APRS, PACKET PATH). Set path to "ARISS".
  • Exit menu steps via pressing OK, then ESC.
  • Dial the "ISS.up" memory to the "TX" side and set power to high (H).
  • Dial the "ISS.down" memory to the "RX" side.
  • Leave your BCON off, until you hear and/or see the ISS's BCON.
  • When you see your "MY POS" reply; turn your BCON off again to reduce uplink traffic congestion.

  • Useful Links:

  • Visit and you should see your icon!!
  • ISS location  info can be found at

  • 73
    Bob KCØGND