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Ham Radio
Amateur Radio Station

4 element Yagi

Above is my 4 element 2 meter beam antenna. This antenna is made of PVC and brass welding rod and is shown on a 15 foot tower made of chain link fence top rail. It can be installed in less than 10 minutes.

I got my amateur Radio Technician (no code) license in 1999. I enjoy building antennas, working at public service events, and Skywarn storm spotting.

Many hams are active in the National Weather Service (NWS) Skywarn spotter program, which was my initial motivation to become a ham. While spotting can certainly be dangerous, a good net control operator watching County EOC radar, many other spotters in the area, and assuring an escape route in your location selection; you're not a "sitting duck" as you would be at home.

Storm Spotter

Hail shaft north of Byron, MN, 6/18/01

The pictured cell produced numerous reports of one inch hail; large enough to dent your car. The NWS at Lacrosse, WI, named this storm system #6 of its Top 10 weather events of 2001!
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