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Iron Goat Trail
Iron Goat Trail (page 3)
The western end of the Iron Goat has much denser forest growth than the eastern section; obscuring historic features and lessening photo opportunities.

 (All photos from 2002.)
Switchback in upbound trail (lower right to left side of picture).
Tunnel entrance.

Windy Tunnel
Looking into west end of 1300 ft Windy Tunnel.
Waterfall over retaining wall, avalanche debris, and Steven's Pass peaks in the background.

snowshed timbers
Lush growth of wild flowers and 7 foot ferns almost obscure rotting 18" x 18" timbers from former snowshed!
Spillway of dam above one of the backwalls. The dam, discovered by accident in 1991, held water for use in fighting fires threatening the wooden snowsheds.
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