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Steam - CB&Q
Steam - Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy
Baldwin 2-8-2
CB&Q 401 at the National Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock, TX,  4/21/15.  This locomotive was Baldwin built in 1923.
B&MR Shops 4-6-0
 CB&Q 710 at Historic Haymarket, 7th & Q, Lincoln, NE 5/06/16.  This locomotive was built in 1901 by the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad,  which merged w/ CB&Q in 1904.
CB&Q 4-6-0
CB&Q 915 at Rock Island Depot / RailsWest Museum in Council Bluffs, IA, 5/07/16. 915 was build by CB&Q in 1902.
CB&Q 4-8-4
CB&Q 5629 at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, CO, 4/17/06.  Like many other major railroads, CB&Q designed and built many of their own steam locomotives.
CB&Q 4-8-4
CB&Q  5633 at Douglas, WY, 7/15/02.  5633 was built in 1940 in a group of 28 locomotives for passenger and high speed freight service. Although these 3 locomotives were identical when built; one can see a number of  differences between them after 16 years of service.
CB&Q 4-8-4
CB&Q 5631 at Sheridan, WY,  8/10/09, and other of the group built by CB&Q in 1940.
CB&Q 4-8-4
CB&Q 5614 at St. Joseph, MO, 5/04/03, was built in 1937.
Baldwin 4-6-4
CB&Q 4000 at Copeland Park, Lacrosse, WI, 10/10/14.  This locomotive was Baldwin built in 1930.

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