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Steam - Shay
Steam - Shay
3-Truck Shay
Shay #8 on display at, Cañon City, CO, 5/07/09. 
Shay's were 1 of 3 geared locomotive designs [Climax and Heisler are the other 2]; and were built by a number of manufacturers. Shays have a left offset boiler and a 3 vertical cylinder engine on the right side. A driveshaft drives either 2 or 3 (shown) trucks.
This locomotive last ran on the Georgetown Loop (GBL).
3-Truck Shay
Shay #12 on display at the Colorado Railroad Museum, Golden, CO, 4/17/06.  This locomotive is considered operational and last ran on the Georgetown Loop (GBL).
Lima 2-Truck Shay
  Shay #1 on display at Columbia Falls, MT, 8/19/08. This locomotive was built in 1904 and retired in 1964. This is a 2-truck Shay and the photo shows the non-mechanical side with ash pit below the frame.

Lima 3-Truck Shay
Simpson Timber Shay #7 on display at Sheldon, WA, 8/12/01. Geared locomotives were popular in logging operations; they had good pulling capability, could handle sharp curves, and tolerated poor quality trackwork. 2700+ Shay locomotives were built; the last one in 1945.

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