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Canadian National photographs

All images are Copyright 2001 Brian Thompson, and may not be reproduced or published in any form without the express
permission of Brian Thompson 

CN HR616 #2102 leads two M636's at Hamilton, Ont.  CN 3582, 3738, B&LE 827, 4114 on A422 at Brantford. Feb 9/88 (What a birthday present!) A westbound CN freight crosses the Grand River bridge in Paris, Ont., with ex-VIA #6504 and a B-unit heading for a new home. An A-B-A trio of F7's pose in Brantford yard
CN GMD-1 #1423 was the trailing unit on an outlawed power set at Brantford, Ont. (Jan. 17/98)  An F7B splices two GP9's on a transfer past the VIA coach yard at the Spadina Shops in Toronto CN GP9 #4590 with a local on the Burford Spur in Brantford, Ont.  CN SD75 #5759 swings onto the Oakville Sub at Bayview Jct. Hamilton, Ont. July 12/98

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