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Kodachromes Conrail E8's
Tunkhannock Viaduct at Nicholson, PA in July, 1997. Built by the DL&W in 1915. Things are done just a little bit differently in Paris, KY on the TTI. When you need to turn a unit, you hook a chain to the deck, then pull with a tow-motor! A quartet of Santa Fe units in the SPSF merger paint scheme, at Summit, CA in 1988. Conrail E8's 4022 & 4020 idle at Enola Yard, Harrisburg, PA
Southern F's at night
Southern F's 3499 and 3496 idle through the night at Danville, KY refuelling track. L&N #152 pauses for water at Midway,KY aptly named because it's halfway between Lexington and Frankfort, KY. A Santa Fe freight snakes its way above Tehachapi Loop in California in the summer of 1988 NS train 327 passes Jarvis, Ont. station on the Cayuga Sub.Tracks are now gone.

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