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Over 4,800 rail-related links, search engine, forums, railfan chat rooms, and more!
And now, the home of my ICQ Railfans/Model Railroaders list.

You'll find some "wallpaper" for you ICQ panel here,
including some made from my railroad photographs!

Great desktop wallpaper images, featuring some of my photography!

Jon Pindar's RaiLink site is the place to go for pictures and information on RaiLink's various regional lines in Canada


A rich, diverse and informative site worthy of a visit


If you're an Erie-Lackawanna fan like I am, this is the site for you!


NMRA Directory of World Wide Rail Sites
(We're listed here, along with many other fine rail web sites)


Trains Canada: Railroad information for railfans and model-railroaders


Photos, discussion conferences and the amazing Tehachapi Railcam! See the latest train to pass on Tehachapi. Photos appear 2 minutes after the train's passing

Check out some of my other websites!

See what else I've been up to lately!

Some of my concert photos


The on-line edition of the newspaper I work for

A showcase of my news photography, and that of my colleagues.

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