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Cab Ride #1

All images are Copyright 1998 Brian Thompson, and may not be reproduced or published in any form without the express
permission of Brian Thompson

A special note of thanks to engineer Brad Bennett and conductor Don Campbell of RaiLink
for allowing me to photograph them while they worked.

Shot from the cab door, an eastbound comes past us led by C44-9W #2506 while we occupied the switching lead. A brief, but heavy snow squall hit as VIA train #70, with a rarely-seen back-to-back set of units for power, leaves the station. RaiLink engineer Brad Bennett at the controls of CN SW1200RS #1389, switching cars in Brantford yard. Another eastbound goes past us, with KCS #633 trailing.
Emerging from the RaiLink office after a bite to eat with the crew, a westbound passes with a UP and Conrail unit trailing. Our power for the day was leased CN #1389 and RLK #1285. While we wait for clearance to scoot across the Dundas Sub. to the Burford Spur, an eastbound passes led by CN SD60 #5554. Heaving rails and soft ground contributed to two cars splitting a switch and going on the ground behind Wedtech
In a lighter moment, the engineer grabs the brakeman and says "It's all your fault!"      

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